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Detailed itinerary Tuli

Detailed itinerary Tuli

Day 1

Upon arrival at the Pont Drift Border Post or Limpopo Valley Airfield, you will be met by your guide, Cor or West, and transferred to Two Mashatus Camp.  After a light lunch it is time to get acquainted with your horse. 

You will then embark on an introductory ride along the banks of the mighty Limpopo River during which you can get to grips with your guide and horse and vice versa. 

Your first evening is spent enjoying sundowners at the Stable Bar whilst watching the horses roll in the setting sun, before a delectable dinner is served in the beautiful Lala Palm Rondavel.

Day to day itinerary

Day 2

The day begins at sunrise with tea/coffee brought to your tent, followed by a light breakfast. Mount up and head off in a northwesterly direction for Jwala Camp on the banks of the Jwala River. Six to seven hours are spent in the saddle enjoying the abundance of game and the magnificent scenery synonymous with the Land of the Giants.

After arriving at Jwala Camp, lunch is the order of the day followed by a guided afternoon walk, examining the bush around you in detail. Dinner is prepared over an open fire by Martha or Grace – our truly brilliant chef whose “bush cuisine” is renowned far and wide. Retire to your spacious tent where you will experience the “music” of the African bush as it gently serenades you to sleep.

Day 3

An early wake up call heralds a new day and tea/coffee and a delicious light breakfast is served around the log fire. Test the amazingly sure footed Boerpherd as we cross over basalt ridges following age-old elephant trails, and enjoy long sustained canters to make up for the lost time traversing the ridges. This ride will be about six to seven hours. Camp is at the Kgotla Camp. This is an old tribal court from a nearby community that was relocated to the banks of the Mocloutse River on the western periphery of Mashatu. The open-air traditional African enclosure is made of leadwood logs in the shade of a century old Mashatu Tree. Sundowners are enjoyed from a sandstone kopje overlooking the Mocloutse River as it meanders and disappears into the African landscape. Guests enjoy dinner around a large log fire. The night is spent sleeping under the stars in the cacophony of sound generated by the African bush orchestra.

Day 4

We spend another night at Kgotla Camp, enjoying a full day exploring the sandstone formations including the famed Solomon’s Wall. Ancient civilizations harbored their wealth among these hills, where two mighty rivers meet; the Limpopo and the Mocloutse. This day’s riding will be about four to five hours, leaving time to explore the surroundings on foot in the afternoon.

Day 5

Another early rise and a good breakfast around the log fire will set the morning off to a good start. Today you wind your way through the mopane bush before reaching the more open plains. This will probably be your longest day of riding, about eight hours. On arrival at Liana Camp you will be welcomed by a well-deserved drink and a refreshing lunch. Tonight is your opportunity to explore Mashatu from a game drive vehicle; you will try and locate the elusive leopard, cheetah and lion the area is well known for.

Day 6

This morning will begin a little slower, as this day will be spent exploring the banks of the Mojale and Matabole Rivers, following their courses north towards Zeederburg site. The day will offer riding up and down river banks in riverside forest, game sightings and plenty of opportunities for more fabulous photo footage. Today’s riding will be about five to six hours. Lunch under the bows of an old Mashatu tree, where a century past, Zeederberg transport riders had their midday break before finally reaching Fort Tuli. Spend the afternoon at leisure before you embark on a guided walk into the bush. The evening is enjoyed with sundowners around a log fire and a delicious meal sees the close to another exhilarating and rewarding day.

Day 7

This ride is rich in history and offers a variety of interesting tales of the past. The open Pitsani plains so characteristic of this area are perfect for a really good gallop, hopefully with zebras and wildebeests! You head in the direction of the Mojale and Limpopo confluence where lunch awaits you upon return to the Two Mashatus camp. This ride is about five to six hours. Dinner is in the Lala palm Rondavel. A dreamless sleep no doubt awaits you as the final day draws to a close.

Day 8

Today is your last day in the bush and begins with your final early morning tea/coffee and breakfast snack over the open fire. The morning is spent riding along the Limpopo River. We head back to Fort Jameson’s, a shorter ride about two hours giving you some time to get ready for departure. After a fond farewell to your horse, you head back to Two Mashatus for a quick brunch and then it’s off to Pontdrift in time for your return transfer.

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