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Friends of Zambezi

Friends of Zambezi

On this page you'll find some of our many friends who work closely with Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. In addition some interesting links to sections of our site :

Zambezi  Blog: The Zambezi blog which includes interviews with well-known guides, feedback from our guests and other titbits.

Zambezi News: A full listing of past Zambezi newsletters

Victoria Falls Network: The full selection of adventures, accommodation and adrenalin activities offered in Victoria Falls.

Zambezi Safari and Travel UK: our sister site and a comprehensive guide to our specialist areas within Africa. Contains links to our original website built in 1995 from a dial-up in Kariba!

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Other friends of Zambezi

Friends of Hwange Trust was formed in November 2005, after the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe experienced an extremely severe drought, to which hundreds of animal succumbed. The sole purpose of the Trust is to maintain the pumps providing the animals with critical water during the dry months. Read more about Hwange National Park

Imire Game Park:  Imire is renowned for the Black Rhino Breeding and Conservation Programme. We have had outstanding success in breeding and releasing Black Rhino back into their natural original environment in Matusadona National Park. We are also one of the first farms to offer homes to young orphan elephants and instigated research to improve handling and teaching elephants in order for them to be ridden and to work on farms.

Kasanka Trust Ltd: The Kasanka Trust is a Charity working to conserve and develop  Kasanka National Park in the Northern Region of Zambia. Read more about Kasanka National Park

African Bird Image Database (AFBID):  has been created to bring together photographs taken in the African region of as many bird species as possible.

ARKive: the ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered species

VFAPU: Victoria Falls anti-poaching unit; a group of concerned Victoria Falls residents keeping an eye out on behalf of the wildlife in the Victoria Falls area.

Bass Fishing GurusBass Fishing Gurus is a comprehensive bass fishing site with tips, in-depth techinques, complete tackle including lures, weights, bobbers, hooks, reels and rods with lodge listings and fishing for kids. Over 500 pages of everything bass!

Books and Movies

Ultimate Adventure: A Rough Guide to Adventure Travel features 30 different adventure sections and is jam-packed with breathtaking photography. There are adventures for all travellers, including “soft” experiences for those testing their bravery levels and extreme adventures for adrenalin junkies, each rated by physical, psychological, skill and wow factor. Zambezi Safari is featured exclusively in two chapters; for rafting the Zambezi below Victoria Falls and for a canoe safari on the Lower Zambezi through Mana Pools; both of which are great chapters and first rate adventures.

Artists and photographers

Chris Hornaman - a superb photographer and one of our favorite clients!

Noel Smith - self taught artist and a great friend and fellow traveller

Jon Duplock - graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002 and has exhibited in a number of London galleries. 

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