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Helping Africa

Helping Africa

We are not ashamed to admit that we cherry pick who we associate with in Africa! Our close links and friendships with ethical camp owners, individuals and ground handlers ensure that not only does the local community, wildlife and habitat benefit, but so do our clients.

Preferential prices, loyalty, expert knowledge, service and added value are just some of the benefits we and our guests enjoy as standard, as a result of these solid, longstanding relationships.

As well as the projects supported directly by Zambezi Safari and Travel, listed below are just a few of the other good works our clients automatically support whilst having the time of their lives. And please do bear in mind, these are just SOME of the projects our camps are actively supporting. The tourist industry in Africa accounts for a substantial proportion of funds going directly to education projects which ultimately protects the wildlife and wellbeing of the African people.

As a rule of thumb, the camps employ mainly local people and support the local community, villages and schools.

Projects our camps support

The Hide, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Conservation ProjectThe Friends of Hwange Trust
“The FOH Trust was formed in 2005 to offer a long-term solution to water supply problems in Hwange NP. In 2004 the Park received very little rain and as a result the pans dried up prematurely and many animals died due to dehydration. Even many of the main waterholes that are normally pumped were not working due to lack of diesel and maintenance as National Parks have very few resources.
The main objective of the FOH Trust is to initially manage 10 main waterholes in Hwange NP in terms if supplying diesel, engines, pumps, spare parts and supplies to pump attendants. For your interest there are some 65 pumped waterholes in Hwange NP, but many require replacement or extensive overhauls. The Hide has already successfully managed the pumps at Kennedy 1 and Kennedy 2 waterholes for the last few years, and will act as a base for employees of the FOH Trust to operate from in the Park.. Already a 3,5 tonne vehicle has been donated for this cause and will be based at The Hide.

Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Conservation Project - The Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia
Patsy, Herman and and the family proudly donate 60% of accommodation fees paid to Wildlife Camp to the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia and in that way guests are contributing to support local wildlife and education for Zambian school children in the conservation of their natural history.

Mfuwe Lodge, South Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Conservation Project - South Luangwa Conservation Society

Mfuwe Lodge is hugely respectful of the incredible wealth of wildlife at its doorstep and its South Luangwa National Park surroundings and is a proud sponsor of South Luangwa Conservation Society.

Robin Pope Safaris, South Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Conservation Project - Kawasa School project

The RPS workforce comes predominantly from the local tribal community (the Kunda people) and RPS have established and maintain a respectful but relaxed relationship with the local community. Only 3 out of 20 guides are not local and they are training staff in all the areas of employment – office, workshops, stores etc.”
RPS has long supported the Kawasa School Project and is now helping with renovation of Nsefu school too as well as Kapita and Katapila Community Schools. The community schools provide education for small children who would not normally have access to a school. RPS also support a number of local children through secondary school and college and 15+ teacher’s salaries are covered, enabling smaller class sizes,

Jo Pope founded the Luangwa Safaris Association Medical Fund, which currently donates to the upkeep of the main local clinic in the Mfuwe area. The clinic provides healthcare for more then 20,000 residents in the Luangwa area and the medical fund provides a volunteer doctor at the clinic plus medical supplies and medicines through donations
HIV/AIDS currently affects approximately 25% of the population of Zambi. Robin Pope Safaris has an HIV/AIDS program set up for staff members to ensure that all staff are counseled, tested, receive ongoing attention (including weekly hospital transport and new Anti-Retroviral Drugs if required).

Kasaka River Lodge, Lower Zambezi River, Zambian side

Conservation Project - Mugurameno Basic School Charitable Trust

Simon and Jenny Cooke, Kasaka's majority shareholders, set up the Mugurameno Basic School Charitable Trust in 2003, to improve the educational opportunities and conditions of living for children in Mugurameno which is the nearest village to Kasaka and where most of their staff live. Since 2003 they have raised $140,000 for MBSCT projects including the building of a new community school, upgrading the existing school, putting in ablution blocks, playground equipment etc. The community school was a labour of love - getting that done before Christmas as the rains set in was rather taxing! One of their guests' favoured activities, particularly those with children, is to spend a morning or even a whole day in the village, meeting their guides and coxwains' families, swapping stories and sharing tales. The children seem to love it, because it's so "real" - it's not a cultural village or anything - just a normal place, with all its flaws. One parent wrote that the day in the village was worth a whole year of his son's expensive private schooling! They also have ‘Habitat for Humanity’( helping house those in poverty) groups come in, and sponsor a’ local kids vs. visiting kids’ football match, which is normally great fun as well,. In terms of giftss for the children, sadly most high value things tend to get lost or stolen, so guests are advised to bring sweets, chalk, pencils, paper, footballs, exercise books, T shirts, that kind of thing. They love atlases but again, go back in 2 months and they've all disappeared.

Tongabezi Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia

Conservation project - Tongabezi Trust School

The Tongabezi Trust School was set up by Vanessa Parker, who was previously teaching as a volunteer in Livingstone. Vanessa is the wife of Ben, who established Tongabezi in 1990 together with the late William Ruck-Keene.

The school opened on 1 May 1996 and due to its huge success it has been growing ever since. Vanessa donates her time to the school on a purely voluntary basis. The school provides education to the Tongabezi staff children, as well as children from the local community, in an area where educational funding and materials are scarce.

Remote Safaris/Tafika Lodge, Zambia

Conservation project - Mkasanga Village Community and school

Donations from our guests and tour operators have resulted in the formation of The TAFIKA FUND which has assisted The Mkasanga School in various ways:

1. Payment of 4 teachers’ salaries and the supply of monthly meilie meal for the teachers
2. Addition of 2 high school grades to the original primary school
3. 5 sewing machines and needlework materials
4. Over 2500 children’s library books and readers
5. School supplies such as paper/pens/pencils/text books and other educational materials such as magnifying glasses, magnets, footballs etc
6. Creation of a Conservation Club at the school
7. Game drives for pupils and staff
8. Borehole and pump for water supplies to the school
9. Solar lighting for 2 classrooms for evening homework
10. Teachers Training Course to inspire and encourage the teachers
11. Renovation and upgrade of the school facilities

Scholarship program
Mkasanga, the village closest to Tafika and Chikoko Walking Trails, is an area of subsistence farmers. Most children cannot afford to complete their education. In addition, the number of AIDS orphans grows daily, increasing the load on relatives caring for the children.

Mkasanga School provides education at very low cost, but the pupils require 3 further years of high school to complete their schooling at nearby boarding schools. For many years, the Tafika Fund, operated by the management of Remote Africa Safaris, has offered a full educational scholarship to the top 3 students graduating from Mkasanga School. As new sponsors are found these numbers grow; more than 26 pupils are currently assisted in our scholarship program

The people of Mkasanga Village, the local health authority and the Tafika Fund combined efforts to build an outpatient clinic in Mkasanga.

Outpatient Clinic
Mr. Harah, the Medical Officer appointed by the health authority, opened the clinic March 2006. He was carried lock, stock and barrel from his home 110 kilometers away by 8 bicycles, which were sent by village headmen to collect him since the roads were still inaccessible to cars due to the rains.

It is wonderful for the village to have medical assistance close at hand after so many years of relying on the limited medical knowledge at Tafika. We are planning on extending the facilities to include inpatient and maternity wings as soon as funds become available. The Budget for the remaining work is US$60,000

Meno A Kwena, Botswana

Conservation Project - Water for Life

Menu A Kwena aims sustained wildlife conservation in the area, closely involving and creating awareness within the local communities with a particular focus on water for this arid region.

Meno a Kwena Tented Camp is constructed on tribal land, generating revenue from paying guests. All of the staff at Meno A Kwena are from surrounding villages and materials and services materials are also sourced locally. Local craftsman are provided with a facility to create and sell curios and furniture to guests.

The camp encourage the villagers to visit the camp and sometimes the headman and his wife even visit for high tea.

Meno A Kwena fundraises for the local primary school, which many of the staff's children attend. The camp also holds educational field days for pupils to visit the camp and spend the day with a guide, learning about the flora, fauna and conservation in the area. The camp provides transportation for the school dance group to perform in the area and in the camp.

Chaminuka Lodge, Nr Lusaka, Zambia

Conservation project - Kasisi Orphanage

Chaminuka is not just a luxury safari lodge and game reserve, it is a whole community with 3 villages, 2 schools, a church, a clinic, a pig farm, organic gardens and the Kaposhi Cheese Factory. More than 700 people live and work within the boundaries of Chaminuka.

As well it's own community, Chaminuka also offers support to the local Kasisi Orphanage.

Wilderness Safaris - Southern Africa

Wildnerness Safaris pride themselves on being a conservation company first and foremost:

“The environment is at the heart of our beliefs and values and we care for it in a number of different ways. Wildlife- or community-related projects are run at many of our camps. The Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust secures funds for these and other projects unrelated to the company. Children in the Wilderness is our hugely successful local children's programme. Finally, throughout our business we strive to save energy and be as environmentally friendly as we can”

For further information on the projects supported by Wilderness have a look at these websites:

Wilderness Trust

Children in the Wilderness

Wilderness Conservation

Cheli and Peacock - Kenya

Cheli & Peacock is committed to developing and promoting sustainable tourism hand-in-hand with beneficial conservation and wildlife management practice. In particular Cheli & Peacock manages all its camps with major attention and detail to eco-friendly systems and protection of the natural environment, working with local communities in order to foster better living conditions for the local people who share the wildlife habitat with the natural fauna and flora of Kenya. Cheli & Peacock works closely with several of the organisations below in trying to preserve these exceptional wilderness areas for the benefit of future generations.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Kenya Wildlife Society

African Wildlife Foundation

Save the Elephants

African Conservation Fund

East Africa Wildlife

Fauna and Flora International

Governors’ Camp, Kenya

For over 35 years Governors Camp and its clients have been working hand in hand with its community neighbours running community support and conservation programs that have delivered real results. In many cases, they are now working directly with the sons and daughters of community elders that they started working with 30 years ago. Governors Camp is extremely proud of its achievements. They continue to work quietly on projects that their community neighbours ask them to support

It is the policy of Governors’ Camp to support local communities in their area of operation and recognize that in order to conserve these unique wild areas of Africa, the local communities must benefit directly from Tourism.

The following are selection of projects and partners and the work in progress
Mara Rianda Primary School
Masai Mara Biogas Project
Masai Mara Eye Clinic
Governors’ Tree Planting Project
Loldia Primary School
Mfanagano Primary School
Responsible Tourism Rwanda
Karen Street Children’s Trust

Nomad Tanzania

When Nomad Tanzania was created in 2003, it committed to support three Trusts which had already been established by the founders of the companies that made up the new Nomad Tanzania Greystoke Mahale & Chada Katavi, Nomad Safari Guides, and Sand Rivers Selous. These Trusts related to the areas in which the individual companies were operating and were all born organically as a result of continual contact with the issues in the different areas.

The Nomad Trust now provides administrative and fund raising support for the following affiliated trusts, and is a totally non-profit making organization. Any funds given to the individual projects are 100% committed to those projects themselves. Projects include:




Lewa Camps, Kenya

Conservation project - Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Camps support a wide range of projects through Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Projects are too numerous and worthy to list here - please connect to the website for further details.

Nkwichi Lodge, Mozambique

Conservation project - Manda Wilderness Community Trust

“The Lodge employs 75 local people which directly supports a further 1,125 family members. Also Nkwichi works closely with Manda Wilderness Community Trust and 5% of the money spent by guests goes straight to support it - directly helping the local communities and the environment they live in: The Manda Wilderness Community Trust in association with local villages has built 5 schools, 1 maternity clinic, 1 maize mill & 2 church roofs. It has also assisted over 350 farmers as well as improving the nutrition of communities in Lago District. The Manda Wilderness Game Reserve protects 100,000ha of savannah, streams, swamps, mountains & miles of lakeshore of Lake Niassa”.

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