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Migration safari solutions in Tanzania and Kenya

Migration safari solutions in Tanzania and Kenya

Whether a migration safari is your main focus or you're planning on visiting Kenya or taking a safari to Tanzania here're some solutions for catching the migration as well..

...if the migration is your main focus

  • do some reseach and plan well in advance
  • if destination is first priority then you’re going to have travel at specific times
  • if you’re flexible time-wise then choose destination based on what other add-ons you’re keen to do so the logistics don’t get too complicated
  • if you've left things a bit too late or if you can't get the right space for this season then rather postpone your trip for next year than take second best now


...if you're looking at northern Tanzania anytime of year

Then whether the focus is on the migration or on resident game, we have two options:

  • We prefer “mobile safaris”, essentially small tented safari camps on private camp sites that either shadow the migration when it’s moving or are temporarily based for a few months in the main areas of activity to maximise access to the migration or better pockets of resident game where there are fewer other visitors. One being a more adventurous option and the other two a bit more comfortable with additional camps in the greater Serengeti. In all three cases the guiding standards are amongst the best in the Serengeti and we usually combine the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire/Manyara which are also on Tanzania’s northern circuit.
  • Our second option is three permanent lodges, small and with high standards of guiding, hosting and comfort. The migration is only accessible from these lodges when the main body is either in the southern plains from January to March or on the move in the north usually between October and November.

courtesy Great Plains Conservation

...if you're looking at Kenya between July and October

We have two options for Kenya's migration season:

  • We generally avoid the “packaged tour” areas of the Eastern Mara and Ngama Hills preferring to concentrate on the very productive game areas on the Mara River and Central Plains. We work well with six relatively small, semi-permanent tented operations each of which have good access to the more popular areas, are themselves located within relatively private areas that have good resident game throughout the year and have some of the best guides in the Mara. (On occasion we’ll include one of the centrally located permanent lodges in a safari if there’s a specific interest to match or if we’re including a balloon safari in the trip).
  • We have two permanent tented lodges in the Group Ranches in the Greater Mara area that entail a full day game drive with picnic lunches to get to and from the migration – so they’re a bit further from the main action. In both cases however they make up for this by having excellent guides, very good resident game and offer wonderful creature comforts. (The balance is good)

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