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More about Gonarezhou NP

More about Gonarezhou NP

Gonarezhou National Park is an extremely scenic park with some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery to be seen in Southern Africa. Dominated by sandstone cliffs, rocky basalt river gorges and extensive tracks of hardwood trees interspersed with riverine floodplains, wetlands and sand rivers.

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Unique qualities

This is the only park in Zimbabwe which has both banks of a major river (Runde River) within the park. The Save River in the north east and the Mwenezi in the south west also sweep through the park providing life sustaining water in this harsh, dry environment. There are literally hundreds of species of birds, wildlife and fish kept alive by these waters.

Runde River Gorge

Looking down the Runde River Gorge. Photograph courtesy Ant Kaschula

The park is the jewel in the crown of the Great Limpopo Trans Frontier Park, a massive Pan-African park covering an area of 35 000 km². The trans frontier park has been set up by forward thinking conservation initiatives and is set to become one of the largest wildlife parks in the world.

Fly camping

Fly camping on the banks of the river. Photograph courtesy Ant Kaschula

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