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More on canoe safaris

More on canoe safaris

In addition to these basic formats we also offer tailor made safaris to suit specific group needs:

  • We run a dozen or so canoe safaris specifically for children each season - in each case, a Professional Guide leads the group - the educational value of these trips is immense.
  • Avid photographers, particularly those who have visited Africa several times require a lot more flexibility in terms of diversions or layovers to capture their best shots - it's often better to arrange an exclusive canoe safari with a specific guide - we make these sorts of arrangements on a regular basis.

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Full participation canoe safari

Full participation canoe safaris are "camping-type" trips on which all gear and provisions are carried in the canoes and overnight stops are made at specific camp spots on islands or on the mainland.

  • Canoeists sleep in two-man bow tents or under mosquito nets draped over a paddle.
  • All meals are prepared by the guide and canoeists assist with camp chores (erecting tents, fetching water, cleaning up etc.).
  • Ablutions are rudimentary - "Doug" is a small spade, "Lucy" is toilet seat on a light frame.
  • These safaris operate on both the Zimbabwean and Zambian shorelines. In Zimbabwe, from Kariba to Kanyemba, in Zambia, from Kafue to Chongwe (equivalent to Zimbabwe's Chirundu to Mana Pools leg).

These safaris offer the most flexibility and are suited for intrepid adventurers of all ages - from experience they are always a load of fun.

Walking into Mana Pools and other safari areas on the Zimbabwean shoreline are not permitted on these safaris.

Backed-up canoe safari

Backed-up canoe safaris are a step up from the "full participation" trips in the sense that a full back up crew supports the safari as it progresses down the Zambezi. 

The best backed up trips operate in Zimbabwe on the Mana Pools shoreline from Ruckomechi to Chikwenya. A full blown mobile tented camp is used on the overnight stops on the Mana mainland. Meals are of a high home-cooked standard and you'll find all the facilities generally associated with permanent tented camps.

These safaris make use of Professional Guides - some of whom are widely regarded as ranking amongst the best in Africa. An added advantage of these safaris is the availability of vehicles and walking options where game activity invites a break from the river.  (Walking within Mana Pools is permitted on these safaris.)

Our operators and guides have impeccable safety records and their guiding standards are the best on offer.

Tailor made canoe safaris

Combination walking and canoeing safaris are naturally complimentary. In both cases:-

  • you're getting a real "Africa in your face" type of experience
  • the lower Zambezi is logistically well connected to some excellent walking areas in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Mana Pools, Chitake and Matusadona so there's little wasted time in transit,
  • and although the game and birdlife is generally common through the region, the terrain and environments can differ markedly
  • the use of River Guides and Professional Guides adds generously to the overall experience.

The basic combinations revolve around:

  • A participation canoe safari on the lower Zambezi and a traditional tented camp in Matusadona or Lower Zambezi
  • A backed up canoe safari in Mana with a tented and safari lodge combination in Matusadona or Lower Zambezi National Park

Have a closer look at our walking safaris or consider the following combinations:

  • Spirit of the Zambezi Safari: A 6 night combination including a walking safari and a full participation canoe safari past Mana Pools
  • Zambezi Explorer Safari: A 9 night extension of the Spirit of the Zambezi walking and canoeing combination that includes Victoria Falls.
  • Classic Zambezi Tented Safari: A 6 night walking safari combining the Mana Pools floodplain and the Lower Zambezi National Park
  • Zambezi Classic Canoeing and Walking Safari: A 10 night combination of deluxe canoeing and walking in Mana Pools plus walking in Matusadona or the Luangwa Valley.

Check out these videos for real live action Explorer and Odyssey on Mana Pools Canoe safaris

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