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Multi-day white water

Multi-day white water

Our favourite rafting trip - the 5-DAY Zambezi white water rafting - see Batoka Expeditions

A multi-day trip is a world class event and our trips depart on set dates throughout the year. This trip rates with climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or doing the Inca trail or cycling from John O'Groats to Penzance!

On arrival in Victoria Falls or Livingstone, your trip leader will visit you to give you a briefing and hand out dry bags for your kit.


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Multi-day rafting itinerary

DAY ONE : You'll be collected from your accommodation at around 8h30 am and will descend to the river. You'll be given a safety briefing and practise how to paddle below the Victoria Falls, in the Boiling Pot! This is a day of rafting action as you follow the normal one-day water rafting route including Stairway to Heaven, The Devils Toilet Bowl and Midnight Diner. Enjoy a stunning meal under the stars before crashing down for the night.

Overnight river camp, lunch and dinner included, not alcohol.

DAY TWO : From hereafter the flat stretches between rapids becomes longer.  Your first rapid is “Open Season”.  We then continue through “The Narrows” and “Chimamba”, where we stop for lunch.  After lunch you reach your second portage of the trip where you'll carry your rafts around a Grade 6 rapid/fall "Lower Mowemba". Then it is a very short paddle through 'Ampitheatre' to the overnight campsite on an awesome beach setting.

Overnight river camp, brealfast, lunch and dinner included, not alcohol.

DAY THREE : After a full breakfast continue along to the dam site where you'll do our third and final portage.  After this you continue downstream to "Ghost rider" then "Deep throat" where you'll ghost the rafts through while having lunch. We raft through another section of narrows with short sharp drops, very exciting! Conclude the day with "Asleep at the Wheel".

Overnight river camp, breakfast, lunch and dinner included, not alcohol.

DAY FOUR : Continue down stream through Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids up to Hippo's camp where you'll spend the night on the banks of the river.

Overnight river camp, breakfast, lunch and dinner included, not alcohol.

DAY FIVE : After breakfast navigate “Fish Eagle’s Delight” before heading to the take out point at Matetsi where you'll be transported back to the Falls.  The transfer is a 3-hour drive along the road from Hwange to Milibizi.

The trip includes:

  • All meals and drinks
  • Guide
  • All rafting equipment
  • Sleeping bags
  • First aid kit

Extra baggage may be stored at the our office in Victoria Falls.


On overnights we supply dinner and a full cooked breakfast.  On the 2.5 day trips we supply all meals.  The camps are stocked with limited beers, wines, soft drinks and gin and tonics.  You need to bring your own spirits if you wish. The cost of alchoholic drinks is not included in the price.


All trips leave from Zimbabwe.  We will do a trip on any day for a guaranteed booking of 4 or more pax.  Overnights can be done on any day.


Overnight Min Pax 2 Max Pax 20

2.5 Day Trip Min Pax 4 Max Pax 20

5 Day Trip Min Pax 4 Max Pax 20

The trip includes:

  • All meals and soft drinks (small amount of beers, gin & tonics, however due to the longevity of the trip these are not bottomless supplies.  Should clients have a preferred alcohol, they must supply these themselves).
  • The Guide, all rafting equipment, sleeping bags and first aid kit.


2.5 day and 5 day trip videos can be arranged on request.


No previous rafting experience is required and clients need not be proficient swimmers.  At the beginning and at the end of the half, one and 2.5 day raft trip clients have to negotiate a steep path in and out of the gorge.  The walk out is 750 vertical feet up a gradient of 1 in 3, and a person of average fitness can manage this in about 20 minutes.


The company uses some of the finest equipment on the market to ensure that the trip is a safe and enjoyable one.  Rafts are purchased from Ark in South Africa and are the tried and tested river rafts required for the Zambezi River.  America’s Cup high flotation life jackets and Protec safety helmets are issued to clients before the day’s rafting.  Wet suits are provided and usually used by clients during the colder months (June / July).  We supply all camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, dry bags, etc. on our overnight and 2.5 day trips.  Clients need to bring shorts, T-Shirts, costume, shoes, towel and tracksuit for the evenings, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and toiletries.


Guides are fully trained professionals and all hold valid advanced first aid certificates.  Whilst every precaution is taken, it is essential that agents make clients aware that there is a risk of injury associated with the activity of rafting on the Zambezi.  A comprehensive first aid kit and skid stretcher are carried on each trip.  Each client is required to sign the White Water Rafting indemnity form prior to departure.  Each trip leader is in radio contact with our bases in Victoria Falls and Livingstone and direct with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Service).


Passports are required to cross the Zambian border for clients from Zimbabwe.  The cost of day visitors visas for clients from Zimbabwe are included in the rate.


All clients are covered by Medical Air Rescue Services (MARS) through the company, however this only covers them for emergency evacuation in life threatening situations.  It does not cover their hospitalisation and medication.  As such travel and medical insurance is compulsory for all clients.  Please ensure you bring the details of your insurance policy with you.  We will not cover you if you do not have insurance.

The company has a US$1.5 million public and passenger liability cover.

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