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Poems about the Zambezi

Poems about the Zambezi

This page is dedicated to homemade, organic poems, songs and tales about the Zambezi.

If you'd like to make a submission, send your entry to and if its fun and good enough it'll appear on this page! You could even win £20 (US$30).

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Ode to the Zambezi River

I wish I was the water flowing down the Zambezi
Swirling through the grasses, tickling the roots of trees.
I would rush over dark rocks, twirling and flirting,
Flushing the tiger fish down gurgling rapids
I'd laugh hysterically as I crashed and soared
Over and down the granite lip of Victoria Falls
Exploding 110m deep beneath in a dark and terrifying hole
I'd bubble forth and rise to the surface
As light as the air, revitalised by the most mighty massage
I'd dash through the gorges, laughing at the white water rafters
Fearful yet joyous at my strength.
I'd visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia, no need for a passport
Exempt from a Visa fee, no thought as to my nationality
I'd soar to the heavens, picked up by the sun
And dart down to earth again, to have some more fun
I'd be best friends with the frogs, I'd caress the skin of hippo's
Brush clean the teeth of crocodiles.
I could be sucked up the trunk of an elephant child
He'd snort me back out, I'd never forget the gentle, loving giant
Down, down further I'd go
Smoothly flowing across sandbanks, marvelling at wildife
Red filtered light as I passed through fish gills
Coming up gasping, eyes on the Zambezi escarpment hills
Oh I'd be quite long on my journey
Finally crossing into the Mozambique delta
Lost amongst pampas and waterberry trees
I'd see a final sand barrier and suddenly I'd be at one with the sea.
Oh I wish I was the water in the beautiful big Zambezi.

by Trish Berry (one dark night around the campfire)

Lower Zambezi River Zimbabwe


Poem for the Zambezi

Ancient lifeblood flowing continuous
Powers greater than man
Raw lifeblood of the land
Knowledge full at hand

Of Death, and organic processes
Completing circles time immemorial
Raw strength and power
Best worshiped, never tamed

To sit at your shores unravels stress
Makes real, times progress
Oh Zambezi, your magnificence
Epitomizes the power of nature

Humans have yet to comprehend
At your shores all weep
and yet depend
You are our mother, and our end

Written by Kim Veldsman

I have a dream

I have a dream to sail round Lake Kariba
To see what is waiting round the corner
To take on challenges – whatever they may be
To feel the wind catch my sail
To feel the wind in my hair
To camp on the water’s edge
To go where no one has been before
To take on big waves carried by the wind...
To meet new people on the way
To meet the rivers entering this great lake
To cross the Zambezi
I am ready to go –
I hope my dreams don’t fade and die

Written by Matthew Ferreira (aged 12yrs)

No blackberry on the Zambezi

No thought of my blackberry or laptop as I canoe
the world's 7th longest river the Zambezi River
So peaceful and tranquil
Only the sound of hippos and birds
3 nights of this is just bliss!

Written by Jackie Pearson (first ever attempt at a poem)

Fourth daughter of Africa

Fourth daughter of  Africa
Humbly born in marshy Zambia
Called  Great River in the Tonga tongue
Snaking her way southward
Taking on the burdens of her four siblings as she flows
Carrying the blood and sweat of her troubled mother
Angry Angola adds her tears
Shunning commerce for canoes
Nourishing life giver to nature’s bounty     
Consoling to the elephants at Caprivi
Sustaining Mana Pools
Cleansing herself at Victoria in a headlong rush
Pausing only briefly at Kariba and Cahora Bassa
Before spilling exhausted into the salty sea
Written by Safari Bill May 2011

Do not dither on the Zambezi

I got into a bit of a dither
As I canoed on the Zambezi River
A fish eagle soared
I fell overboard
And a croc tucked into my liver
Then down to the gorge I did go
With rafting you go with the flow
Between rapids we'd float
I hung my legs from the boat
And another croc bit off my toe

Rapid 5 was like dropping down a weir
With eye wide I battle my fear
I tried to hold on
But couldn't for long
And that same croc bit off my ear!

My toothbrush will need all its bristles
This English tastes just like thistles
I thought he’d be nice
Like boboutie and rice
But he’s really just fat, skin and gristle

Lower downstream where the floodplain gets wider
Round the fire with some Hunters Gold cider
I stuck out my hand
As we sat on the sand
The croc snapped and my arm was inside her

I'm now floating, bobbedy bob
Cos the croc's done a pretty good job
Where once I was deft
Now there isn't much left
She's even took off with my kno.......

......tted handkerchief

Written by Richard Smith (in bits and pieces)

Zambezi Sun

The sun is peeping over the eastern horizon
The air is clean & crispy & light
The dawn is breaking over the mist on the river
Another day is coming, born from the night
    its just a Zambezi sunrise,
    just another Zambezi sunrise
    one more, Zambezi sunrise
In our back yard
The sun is high above the mighty river
The air is laden with the dust of the day
The river flows as it has flowed forever
Forever more its gonna flow that way, in the
The sun is touching on the western horizon
The air is heavy, hazy and dry
Daylight fades away, and welcomes the twilight
The shadows move across the fiery sky

...listen to "Zambezi Sun" by Bud Cockcroft (mp3 format...set your volume high!)

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