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The Destinations Page

The Destinations Page

This part of the guide is dedicated to the Destinations page. It goes through how to use the interactive Map of Africa, and how to use the countries pages to learn more about them, and the safaris we organise to each. You can also learn more about the locations within each country.

Topics for discussion are highlighted in yellow.

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The Guide

This page contains an interactive map of Africa that allows you to explore the countries we can organise safaris in. These are coloured rather than grey:

Map of Africa

Click on the country you would like to explore – in this case, Zambia. This will call up the main page for that country:

Country page

The overview gives a brief introduction to the country and is located below the main image on the page. Click on the More About to read a more detailed description of the country and locations within it; this is located to the right of the screen below the weather and exchange rates.

Country page 2

Click on Where can I go? below the overview to call up an enlarged and detailed map of the country, with all the locations you can visit shown by blue and white dots. Click on these dots to read more information about these areas of each country.
The What can I do? section on this page lists the safari types available in each country, and is located to the right of the Where can I go? box.
The Recommended Tours on this page are the safaris for the specific country that we are recommending and are listed below the Where can I go? and What can I do?.

Country page 3

Other Options gives complementary options to the one you have selected and is found at the bottom of the page below the list of recommended tours.

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