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The Homepage

The Homepage

This part of the guide is dedicated to the Homepage. It points out four aspects of the page; the Safari Finder, the Menu Bar, the Safari Helper and the Map of Africa. These areas are highlighted by the yellow boxes on the picture of the homepage, then discussed below this image.

The more comprehensive help for the Safari Finder, Safari Helper and Map of Africa can be found in other sections of this guide.

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The Guide

Labelled Homepage

The Safari Finder

Use this to find safaris if you already know what type you are interested in. This will always be in the top left corner of your screen, and is the same on every page. Click here for more help.

The Menu Bar

Use this to navigate your way through the site; this is the same on every page, and will always be located below the main picture.

Menu Bar

Takes you to the home page. You can also click on our logo in the top left corner.


Describes the types of safaris we conduct, and links you to specific trips related to each type.

Provides an interactive map of the countries you can visit on safari with us. From here you can learn more about each country by making a selection on the map.

Recommended Tours
Our most highly recommended safaris and any current specials.

Meet the Team
Learn more about the people at the other end of the line.

Contact Us

An online form allowing you to send us email enquiries.

Prices in $
All our prices are based in US$ - use the currency convertor to change to your preferred currency with the drop down menu.

Symbol     Currency
P             Botswana Pula
€             Euro
N$           Namibian Dollar
£             Sterling Pound
R             South African Rand
$             American Dollar

The Safari Helper

Use this if you are not sure what kind of safaris you want, or if you want tour suggestions based on some basic criteria. This is located under the introduction to Zambezi Safari and Travel Company on the home page. Click here for more help.

Map of Africa

The Map of Africa is an interactive map that allows you to select a country which you want to learn more about. This is found below the Safari Helper on the Homepage, as well as under Destinations. When you are browsing countries and locations, it is located on the bottom left of the screen. For more information see the Destinations section of this guide.

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Recommended Tours

Meet the Team

Contact Us

Safari Helper

Safari Finder

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