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The Recommended Tours Page

The Recommended Tours Page

This part of the guide explains the Recommended Tours, and how to explore them. This is a fairly straightforward process, and should be easy to understand.

Relevant sections are highlighted in yellow.

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The Guide

This page is fairly straightforward; these are tours that we most highly recommend, and you can click Read more… in the bottom left of each tour to learn more about the safaris we are excited about.

Recommended Tours

The format of each description will be different depending on what it involves; for example, canoeing safaris are often set departure, so any trips of this type might include a prepared itinerary and a preset price.

Others are more flexible and will include a description of the safari and a guideline price, as well as weather conditions, tips and notes, and anything else we think you ought to know.

If you don’t find any tours that you would like to try, simply email us and ask if we can switch things around, or change some details; most of our trips are custom made and invented by us, so they are very easy to change.

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