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The Safari Finder

The Safari Finder

This page details how to use the Safari Finder. This can be found anywhere in the site; it will be in the top left corner of any page you browse.

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The Safari Finder

This is ideal if you already have an idea of which type of safari you want to do. This may be because you have been to Africa before, or have browsed different safari types under ‘Safaris’ and decided on your favourite.

Example 1:

I know I want to go on a canoeing safari; the finder will give me a choice of countries where these safaris are offered. My selection will look like this:

Safari Finder

I will then choose the country I would most like to go to from one of the choices offered to me under ‘All Destinations’. The locations that I can take a canoeing safari in will be offered; choose one of those:

Safari Finder

When I click search, it comes up with a list of the tours that are canoeing safaris based on my specifications:

Safari Finder Results

Note: the drop down menus will only work if the menu before has been selected i.e. you cannot choose a destination without choosing a safari type:

Safari Finder

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