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The Safari Helper

The Safari Helper

The Safari Helper is designed to help you if you are not sure about what you would like to do. This section of the guide takes you through the process that allows us to match you to the tours we think are most suitable for you. The Safari Helper is found on the homepage of the site.

Highlighted in yellow are the areas we particularly want to bring to your attention.

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The Guide

This is a short questionnaire based tool to help you find something if you have a basic idea of what you want. The idea is simple; you answer the questions, and it should eventually lead you to a tour that matches what you would like. Remember that this is a basic tool, and will only give you a general idea of what we think would suit you; it is intended only as a guideline of where to start looking.

The top matches are the tours that match most specifically the selections you have chosen, and appear to the right of the Safari Finder:

Safari Helper

Select a safari type you would like to try:

Safari Helper

Click on More to the right of the safari to get information on these safaris.

If you click All Tours at the bottom of the Top Matches box, all tours for the safari type (in this case, canoe safaris) will come up:

Safari Helper Results

Clicking Recommended Tours at the bottom of the Top Matches box takes you to our most recommended tours, which can also be accessed using the menu bar.

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