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The Wedding

The Wedding

Make your wedding unique

We do not offer standardised packages, preferring instead to work with you to create a bespoke wedding day to suit your aspirations and budget. We also extend the same service to those looking for the perfect honeymoon!

We can guarantee a setting with a WOW factor and:

  • An expert wedding consultant to arrange a magnificent safari wedding
  • On-the-ground supervision to manage the entire event
  • An African wedding feast
  • Singing and dancing performed by local communities to add drama to the celebrations but only if this is your desire.
  • Menus, flowers, table-settings and cakes with a safari influence
  • Private honeymoon breakfasts and dinners
  • We can put you in touch with a local magistrate who can perform a non-religious ceremony but not in all places - this needs to be planned well in advance.

Whether you're planning a lavish wedding party or an intimate celebration, we can advise and plan accordingly. If you're planning a wedding party for more than 6 to 8 guests then we need to book the venue at least 10 months in advance and sometimes more so please do contact us well in time.

When to book the honeymoon?

Honeymoon couple on beach, Seychelles

Start researching destinations as early as possible. Place your final bookings at least six months in advance and preferably sooner to have the best chance of getting the best honeymoon suites and access to the honeymoon activities available.

Choose a theme:
Decide what type of trip you're after: a secluded beach getaway, an adventurous expedition, rustic bush camps or a gastronomic treat with some shopping thrown. Better still why not combine several depending which area you finally settle on visiting.

Narrow it down:
Create a list of destinations, and rule out any that won't work during the season in which you're marrying. You won't want to visit a beach during rainy season or a safari lodge when it’s too wet to do the game drives.

Expert advice and assistance:
Work with a specialist who is knowledgeable and flexible enough to provide you with the type of honeymoon that you would like to enjoy together.

Extra cash:
Set aside some extra money for things like massages on the beach, a balloon flight, a bit of shopping, extra activities not included in the full package. If you need to take classes to enjoy some of the activities you’ve include i.e. scuba diving, make sure you do them well before you leave on your honeymoon.

Medical issues:
Look into vaccinations early and get them done so they don’t spoil the wedding day. Check for a complete list of shots you’ll need to get. If you’re pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, check if you can still take malaria tablets etc.

Other things to remember:
You’ll need a good digital camera and the right luggage - check out any restrictions in the small print if you’ll be on small planes at any point in your honeymoon. Also look at our packing lists for safaris.

Passport check:
Make sure that your passport and/or visa are in order – all African countries require passports which still have six months validity. If you're changing your last name, be sure that these documents reflect the change.

Make sure you get to the airport on time!

A personalised webpage for your honeymoon

As part of your honeymoon package we will create a personalised web page illustrating your honeymoon itinerary with all its pictures, the dates and the places you'll be visiting.

We'll also make it possible for you to invite your guests to contribute towards your honeymoon rather than buying a wedding gift - if thats what you'd prefer.

The bottom line is - you tell us what you'd like and we'll make it possible if we can.Tropical fruit cocktails - Seychelles

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