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Vic Falls World Heritage

Vic Falls World Heritage

Victoria Falls

"Hyped up" since 1855 when Dr. David Livingstone first set eyes on Victoria Falls, today the rumbling of 33 million cubic meters per second flowing over the fall in peak season, still reminds us that this is one of the finest natural spectacles on earth! A World Heritage Site and one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, this is the largest curtain of falling water on the planet.

Whether strolling through the rainforest and soaking up the sights (and the rain), partaking in a sunset cruise with accompanying drinks on the upper Zambezi, catching a tiger fish or an adrenalin junkie, Victoria Falls has something for everyone.

Walking through the rainforest on the Zimbabwean side of the river gives the most exquisite views of the fall and its watery splendour; there are 16 viewpoints and 70% of photographs of the fall are taken from the Zimbabwean rain forest. The view is never dry on this side unlike on the Zambian side; the main falls thunder 365 days of the year! The best views are between Februarys through July.

The Big Five are present in nearby wilderness areas, the town’s record for visitor safety is enviable and the natural hospitality of Zimbabweans is a major plus. Get a buzz from the "wildest one day whitewater rafting" trip on earth, the second highest commercial bungee jump on the planet (a full 8 seconds worth!), river boarding, skydiving, micro-light flips, jet boating, elephant back safaris, canoe trails, kayaking, walking trails. These are just a few of the 50 activities available in this amazing area. Have a look at our privately guided historical tours of the Falls and the village.

Accommodation is in 5 star hotels, owner run bed/breakfasts, tented camps, backpacker hostels or private game lodges in the surrounding wilderness areas. Access to surrounding national parks in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia is easy and convenient making a complete safari in this area cost effective and quick to arrange.Victoria Falls main fall
Other options:
Victoria Falls (VFA) and Livingstone (LVI) provide simple access to and from:

  • Botswana's Chobe, Moremi, Okavango and Kalahari via Maun and Kasane
  • Zimbabwe's Hwange, Mana Pools, lower Zambezi Valley and Matusadona via Kariba and Harare
  • Zambia's Kafue and Luangwa Valley via Lusaka
  • Namibia's Etosha, Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast and Damaraland via Windhoek
  • South Africa via Johannesburg and Cape Town

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FAQ's - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe side

What can you do at Victoria Falls?

Aside from the spectacle of seeing the largest curtain of falling water on earth you can participate in a wide variety of other activities. For example:

  • White Water Rafting (day trips and expeditions)
  • River Cruises (Breakfast cruise, Sundown cruise, Lunch cruise, Ornithologist's cruise)
  • Game drives (half and full day, night drives)
  • Bunji jumping
  • Historical tours
  • River boarding
  • Tours (Traditional, Cultural, Zambezi Nature Sanctuary, Falls Tour)
  • Aerial trips (Helicopter, fixed-wing, and microlight)
  • Upper Zambezi Canoeing (if you want to see the "wild side", canoe the lower Zambezi River)
  • Walking Trails (if you want Walking Safaris - look at the traditional walking safari section)
  • Horse and Elephant Trails
  • Snake park and Crocodile Farm
  • Shop!
  • Full day trips to Chobe National Park or Hwange National Park

You also have quick access to Botswana, Zambia and the rest of Zimbabwe


Where can I stay at Victoria Falls?

You have a range from five star luxury to backpacker's-budget camping. It really depends on how much you want to spend and the level of luxury you would like. Many younger visitors save on their accommodation and spend their money on the numerous activities available in the area. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Where can I eat out?

There is a wide selection of restaurants and take away services in town. If you want to self cater, there is a supermarket in the centre of town which is usually well stocked with a basic range of products. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How Can I get to Victoria Falls?

You can fly directly from Johannesburg and Harare; you could also fly from Lusaka and do a road transfer across the border to Victoria Falls. There is a rail service from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls. There is the Blue Arrow bus service from Harare (please check when its operating). There is the Ferry link from Kariba to Milibizi (the schedule is irregular at the moment), and a transfer service connecting Milibizi with Victoria Falls. There is the self-drive option via Botswana and the Kasane border post, from Bulawayo or via Livingstone border post on the Zambian side.Victoria Falls Zimbabwe sideWhite Water Rafting - when is it most exciting to do rafting?

When the river is running at its low levels from June to mid-February. From which rapids do you actually start the rafting and at what rapid does it end? The one-day low water run in Zambia is from rapid 1 - 18. The Zimbabwean trip is from 4 - 18. During the high water run, you launch at rapid 11 and the take out point is at rapid 23. Do we paddle or have an oarsman? This is decided at the prebriefing on the morning of departure. There's a fair amount of flexibility, typically the group can paddle in the morning and have the oarsman do the work in the afternoon. What about safety on the river? Each guide carries a comprehensive first aid kit and also holds a first aid certificate. MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services) are also on standby with a helicopter in the event of emergency and the trip leader has radio contact. Safety kayakers also accompany the trips. What happens if the raft flips over? You swim. You'll be wearing a life jacket. You should find yourself in calm water very quickly - it just feels like an eternity. Will we be able to take our cameras? No - you can buy the trip video or photographs on completion of the trip. There is also a viewing of the trip in the evening. How old do you have to be to do rafting? At least 15 years of age. There's no upper age limit but you do need to be reasonably fit. You may have to swim and there's a very steep climb out of the gorge on completion of the trip. Can we book on arrival or do we have to book in advance? During July, August and December you should book in advance, the rest of the year, "pitch and paddle". All of the multi-day trips must be booked in advance. What is the minimum stay in Victoria Falls to do White Water Rafting? We recommend a minimum of two nights. Your briefing is at about 07:45 in the morning, you come off the river late in the afternoon. How do we get back to our Hotel? The operator will transfer you back to town - this is included in the price. Are there any crocodiles in the River? Yes - but they're small reptiles (unlike those found on canoe safaris on the lower Zambezi). Due to river conditions they are not a threat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bunji Jumping - how high is the Bunji jump?

About 8 seconds worth of dropping 111 metres. How do you get back up? You're hoisted into a sitting position then winched back up onto the bridge. "I've had problems with my back before, can I still do bungi jumping?" You won't be allowed to jump if you suffer from any of the following: high blood pressure, neurological disorders, acute or chronic knee of back disorders, heart disease, epilepsy or pregnancy. What are the other limitations? Age wise you must be older than 14 and if less than 18, you need an indemnity form signed by your parent or guardian. You must be heavier than 40kg, and less than 140kg. You must have a valid passport to go into the "no man's land" on the bridge. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How does the upper Zambezi Canoeing compare with that on the lower Zambezi?

The upper Zambezi has rapids and you'll use a "Crocodile Inflatable" or a "Klepper Kayak". On the lower Zambezi you have the opportunity of seeing big game - the wild side! The lower Zambezi canoe safaris are better. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Can I ride an elephant?

Yes - at Elephant Camp. You can do a half day visit or stay overnight at the camp. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is the accommodation close to town?

How far is it from the Victoria Falls? Most accommodation is reasonably centralised in Victoria Falls. There are taxis, courtesy transfers, bicycles etc. for hire. The Falls are within walking distance of most places. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is and where is the Boma?

The Boma is a restaurant serving excellent traditional meals. It's close to Lokuthula and Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

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