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What to bring

What to bring

Specifics of clothes can be advised for different times of year i.e. wet / dry, hot / cold and also for weight limits if on air charters, so all listed items do not need to be carried. All camps can do at least some laundry so minimise the weight of clothes.

It is important to note that the Hwange region is at an average altitude of 1000 metres / 3300 feet, and indeed most African safari areas are over this altitude, and therefore temperatures can often be surprising cool to cold. Therefore no matter what time of year, it is advisable to always have a warm jacket. Sometimes air charter flights can be cold. Many Northern hemisphere travellers have been caught out thinking that Africa is only boiling hot…….don’t be fooled!!

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The packing list

Air charters usually limit luggage to 12kg / 26lb, but can be more if guests paying for private charter, depends on aircraft type and passenger number.

REMEMBER if you do or may suffer MOTION / AIR SICKNESS, please speak to your doctor / physician about bringing medication, preferably non-drowsy meds!

Torches and fresh batteries, recommend with LED bulbs and small headlight i.e. Petzl, Black Diamond, Energizer – this is a MUST bring item to be carried in hand luggage!
Car charger with 12volt adaptor for torch and camera batteries,
Camelback backpack rehydration system – the 2 litre ones are good as can carry limited day items, i.e. small personal first aid, spare batteries / camera cards, tissues etc
Sunscreen, lip moisturizer, hat, sunglasses x 2 with cord (to keep glasses on when cantering or going through thick bush!)
Long sleeved shirts for sun and thorn protection – clothes often get torn,
Half chaps,
Riding boots/shoes
Hat with string
Riding gloves for cold, sun and thorns,
Shorts for walking or zip-off pants,
Long trousers for cold nights,
Light fleece for warm to hot months,
Heavy weight fleece for cold months,
Thermal underwear can be of great use in very cold months,
One of the following - Beanie, woolly cap, scarf, head warmer in very cold months,
Light weight quick dry sports shirts for hot, wet months,
Light weight walking shoes/sandals for walking/after riding/in camp
Light weight but strong binoculars preferably 8 powers, ideally waterproof as these are more rugged for the tough, dry or wet conditions,
Hard Hat if you want to ride in one.
Jodhpurs or jeans
Sarong handy for around camp.
Camera – compact waterproof digitals are ideal for riding, SPARE BATTERIES!

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