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Central African Republic

Dzanga Sangha Special Reserve in Central African Republic (CAR) is our area of interest for safari tours within the Congo Basin Tri-National Park.

Gorillas, chimpanzees and forest elephants are just some of the wildlife found in the second largest rainforest on Earth. Central Africa is the location of the Congo Basin and the second largest rainforest on the planet.

This is an area of outstanding biodiversity, with habitats that range from savannah to pristine forest, which huge variety in-between.  Perfect for adventurers, explorers and experienced African safari travellers, with opportunities for bird-watchers, photographers and thrill-seekers.

The Central African Republic is the most northern location of interest, with access to part of the Sangha Trinational Park. The Dzanga-Ndoki National Park gives visitors access to the learning and traditions of the B’Aka pygmy tribe, gorilla trekking and pristine rainforest.

A little explored and truly rugged wilderness, the Central African Republic is the ideal place for explorers, adventurers and experienced visitors to Africa to find something different. Located just to the north of the Republic of Congo, two-thirds of the country is covered by the rainforest that the Congo Basin is known for. Visitors to the CAR will enter the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, part of the Sangha Trinational and a UNESCO world heritage site. Wildlife here is unusual and unique to the climate and environment, including western lowland gorillas, forest elephants and a huge variety of monkeys.

An unforgettable education programme with the local B’Aka tribe includes tracking, hunting and learning about plants and their medicinal uses - just one of the highlights in the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park. The B’Aka pygmy tribes live in the forest in this area, and are happy to interact with tourists and educate them on traditional techniques of hunting and tracking. Expeditions can be done with the B’Aka people as guides and elements of their culture can be experienced with traditional dances and music.

Gorilla trekking with a family of habituated gorillas is a must!  Experience a close encounter of the unforgettable kind. With habituated gorillas and saline pans this is a regular hotspot for a variety of wildlife and the rainforest is ideal for explorers seeking a thrill.

In the Republic of Congo, visitors will stay in camps in the tree canopy, while trekking to see chimpanzees and gorillas, as well as areas of savannah where the elusive forest elephants may be observed. Opportunities to explore the capital city, Brazzaville, are not to be missed. On coastal Gabon, head for the primate conservation projects and the prime rainforest, go whale-watching for abundant humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins. Include a visit to Libreville too, one of the most developed cities in this region of Africa, and the stunning architecture gives new insight into the area.

The wet season runs between June and September in the north, and May to October in the south. The far north of the country has been subject to desertification, while the southern regions have a more equatorial climate. During the wet season, the rainforest can be difficult to travel through as roads are affected by flooding. However, trips taken in the CAR are set departure, and adventurers will be given these dates upon enquiry.

Visits to the country are accommodated by flights to Douala in Cameroon on Air France or South African Airway. Charter flights will then take you to where you need to be. Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airways offer limited choices for flights to Bangui.

CAR trip report here.

Dzanga-Ndoki Pangolin courtesy Tim Henshall of Kamili

Dzanga-Ndoki Expedition

Expeditionary and off-beat in Dzanga-Ndoki National Park. Suitable for adventurers, photographers, birders, specialists and seasoned travellers only.

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