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Artist, photo and other credits on www.zambezi.com

Through the years they have captured travel moments across Africa and their images, artwork and word skills formed the basis of the first Zambezi website in October 1995. But since then a load of people (with better kit, more time and superior skills) have made a huge number of contributions to our various websites, displays, exhibitions and social media platforms.

The following listing is far from complete. It’s a genuine attempt to acknowledge professional, commercial and personal works that we’ve used over the years. Third parties, property owners, marketing representatives and clients have shared and helped build a massive pool of works on Africa. Much of it hasn’t been used. Where it has we’ve always made every reasonable effort to give credit.

So in random order. We thank the following:

Artist credits

Noel Smith; Tammy Walker; Anja Denker; Nick Mackman;

Photo credits

Dana Allen; Andy Hogg; Colin Bell; David Foot; Andy Richter; Calvin Cottar; Debbie Addison; James Varden; John and Carol Coppinger; John Corse; Julie Brenner; Michael Poliza; Mike Myers; Olwen Evans; Paulo Andrade; Roger de la Harpe; Rupert Duggins; Tim Henshall; Will Burrard-Lucas; Ashton Berry; Bailey Photos; Billy Dodson; Brent Williamson; Chris Hornaman; Dave Carsons; David Hartung; Demetrio Carrasco; Dr Flip Stander; Garth Thompson; Hilton Walker; Jean-Francois Largot; Jeremy Woodhouse; Jill Snyder; Karen Bloem; Mary Ann van der Bijl; Nikki Tanzer; Ralph Backer; Rupert Duggins; Russell Friedman; Rupert Finch-Hatton; Sacha Kenyon; Salem Alemayehu; Simon Hartinger; Steve Ababio; Steve Edwards; Stretch Ferreira; Sue Christian-Bell; Tessa Bott; Thierry Aebischer; Tom Varley; Edward Farmer; Jo Pope; Kieran Dodds; Morkel Erasmus; Marlon du Toit; Brendon Cremer; Carole Deschuymere; Martin Cox; Rod Cassidy; Robin Brown; Shelley Cox; Bill Fleming; Grant and Brent Reed;