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The allure of the Zambezi River and the valley through which it runs can be ascribed to a number of unique attractions.  The two World Heritage Sites of Victoria Falls (also a Natural Wonder of the World) - with the biggest curtain of falling water on earth, its enchanting Rain Forest and concentration of "adrenalin" sports - and Mana Pools - with its superb wildlife - are relatively well known locations in Africa.  Beyond the more obvious, one finds legends and mystery plus a combination of unspoilt wilderness areas, diverse terrain, flora and fauna in the Zambezi Valley.  One finds arguably southern Africa's finest wildlife storehouse along the course of the Zambezi River.

The Zambezi River has been known outside of Africa for thousands of years.  Legends suggest that the kingdoms of Hiram, Solomon and Sheba were enriched by the gold and ivory of Ophir - supposedly part of present day Zimbabwe - and the mighty Zambezi was one of the gateways to the ancient treasure trove.  Evidence of early man's occupation has been found along most of the river but much of its history has been shrouded in mystery.  The confluences of the Zambezi, Sinyati, Umi and Sengwa rivers met in the Gwembe Valley - an uncomfortable, hot and disease ridden region - sparsely populated by the Tonga tribesmen and until about 40 years ago known only to a few explorers, geologists, hunters and surveyors.  In 1955 a point on the Zambezi River within the Gwembe Valley known as "kariwa" (a fish trap) became a hive of activity with the construction of the Kariba dam wall.  Kariba now represents the prime launching point into the Middle Zambezi Valley - Mana Pools, Matusadona, Chizarira plus lesser known pristine and unexplored locations.

Canoeing break on the Lower Zambezi

To fully experience the Zambezi Valley you'll need an outgoing attitude and a healthy spirit of adventure...you may need to be prepared for the frustations and inadequacies of the third world, to take the rough with the smooth - true adventure always has an element of unpredictability...you'll be guaranteed the experience of a lifetime!

Whether you'd prefer intense full participation activity or "royal" treatment, the Zambezi Valley offers the full spectrum ranging from white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking, river boarding, bungi jumps, ultralight, microlight, Helicopter, Floatplane, Seaplane or fixed wing flips above the Batoka Gorge, to magical lake charters, fishing safaris, luxury tented safaris,  walking safaris, hiking trails, mountain bike trails and canoe safaris down to the Mupata Gorge.  You can stay in luxury lodges, bush camps, chalets, hotels or campsites.  Whether you're looking for adventure, if you're a keen birder, lepidopterist or whatever: tell us what your preferences are - we'll give you details on your best options and you choose! ...the experience of a lifetime!


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