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Family adventurers

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Nathan washing his soap - Senkwe River Camp (courtesy Neels Ferreira)

Ashton (9 years) on his first canoe safari (April 1997)

Preparing to celebrate Bev's Zambezi birthday

Ashton's birthday cake for Bev Davis

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Family adventurers tend to prefer being self-sufficient and need activities which will allow them space, freedom and activities broad enough to keep youngsters safely occupied.

Every year we host a few foreign families on full-blown safaris. Children are generally attentive and become totally absorbed by some of the activities to which they're exposed. We actively encourage children on safari - special arrangements are usually necessary - feel free to contact us.

Some notes:

  • Minimum ages on safari don't apply for National Parks camps, the general lower limit is 8 years on private safari camps, 15 years on canoe safaris. Some cruisers and houseboats don't allow children at all - most do. Some local resorts will provide nannies and baby-sitters on request.

  • One of the more popular options is to spend four days in a camp in Mana Pools, Matusadona or Kuburi added on to three day cruise on a houseboat with vehicle and valuables safely stowed in Kariba. This allows the family first hand experience of the bush and wildlife plus privacy whilst spending much of the day fishing, game viewing and being forced into "relax-mode". Even Mom isn't allowed to do any work!

  • A second option is to book into one of the local hotels or camp sites and between soaking up a novel in the sun, explore Kariba via several short or "one-day" options. This could mean fishing, sailing, canoeing, horse-riding, skiing, parasailing, game drives, short walking safaris, taking a sunset cruise or flip over the lake.

  • If you're a visitor in transit or insist on being totally self-sufficient then we can point you to both close-by and remote camp sites in Kariba to set up temporary base. Please note that we don't do any National Park bookings - we recommend that you make enquiries by registered mail to:

    • The Director

    • Central Booking Office

    • Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management

    • PO Box 8151, Causeway, Harare.

  • Mana Pools used to be off limits during the wet season from November to April - with heavy rains you stand a very good chance of getting stuck if you're on one of the side roads.

  • Be aware that the roads in remoter areas, including Mana Pools can become more than just challenging with some rain about.

  • Fresh food stocks, refreshments and fuel are available at all times in Kariba and the other "centres".

  • During school holidays, the Ferry service between Milibizi and Kariba requires booking well in advance.

  • The alternate routes between Vic Falls/Hwange and Kariba are acceptable alternatives - the Zambian side is safe and tarred (under constant repair), the Zimbabwean side is dirt all the way and some bridges which washed away in 1996, 1997 and 1998 are definite problems in the rainy season.

  • The route between Harare and Vic Falls and Harare and Kariba is good tar - you're very likely to encounter lots of game between Makuti and Kariba - take particular care at night.

Mail us for an update on current conditions.

Zimbabwe stamp

30 April 1997 - Bev Davis celebrated her 61st Birthday at Twin Log Island on the lower Zambezi. Ashton "the brave", 9 years and bushwise decided to make it memorable. Quite easily done too: ingredients - peach halves, mayonnaise, red cordial for colouring, a well dried elephant pat and voila! Put a "Kariba-kid" with some high spirited Aussies on the river and expect mischief and a spot of good fun.

Family adventurers

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