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Planning a ferry trip between Kariba and Milibizi, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Planning guidelines: Kariba Ferry

  • Book well in advance when planning a connection during "peak" season: December/January, Easter, July/August especially if you have a vehicle to consider.

  • We hold provisional bookings for a maximum of 4 days pending receipt of a 50% deposit. Provisional space is released automatically unless confirmed. See our payment procedure. (Apologies for this un-user-friendly policy)

  • If you have a vehicle, supply dimensions particularly the height including roof rack/accessories when making an enquiry.  Note that trailers carry a relatively heavy surcharge.

  • Get to the departure point at Milibizi or Kariba by 07:30 in the morning.

  • Remember to pack an "overnight bag" with towels.  You'll sleep on "loungers" - blankets are provided.  Take reading materials.

  • The tariff includes three meals plus morning and afternoon tea/coffee.  There is a cash bar on board.

  • If you're a backpacker, you'll need to catch a lift between Victoria Falls and Milibizi.  Also consider the flight between Kariba and Victoria Falls as very suitable alternative to the ferry.

  • The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management charge you the equivalent of US$5 (subject to change without notice) as you enter the Ferry Gates - carry small change and insist on a receipt.

  • Alternatives by road include the route via Livingstone and Siavonga in Zambia - recommended -  (approximately 6,5 hours) - it's tarred but potholed - you may need a visa.  Another option is the "back road" via Binga - a 4 x 4 is recommended, it's essential during the rainy season.

  • Look at "temporary bases" in Kariba.

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