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Western Kenya privately guided safari

Western Kenya privately guided safari

Laikipia Plateau, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Mt Elgon National Park and Kakamega Forest Reserve - 11 days/10 nights

The cost is per person plus US$1200.00 conservation fees and transfer costs. The trip will depart with a minimum of 2 guests. The special price is for the same itinerary with more light weight camping nights.

Start with a relaxing big game ranch stay before hitting the trail visiting millions of greater and lesser flamingoes on Lake Bogoria. Black-necked Grebe, Steppe Eagles, fish eagles and other raptors are commonly seen. 470 species of birds are found in the Lake Baringo area, many specific to the Rift Valley and northern Kenya.  Mt Elgon offers volcanic lava tube caves and is home to cave dwelling elephants, forest birds and unusual mammals such as the bongo, giant forest hog and African golden cat.

The little known Kakamega Forest Reserve is the only remmant piece of the Congo forest in Kenya and here are found 350 species of forest tree and 300 species of birds. Flying squirrels, forest duikers, potto and many types of monkey are also found in Kakamega.

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