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Zambezi and the Jackson 5 safari

Zambezi and the Jackson 5 safari

Mara North Conservancy, Kenya - 5 nights/6 days

6 incredible days with Jackson, legendary Big Cat Diary guide.

These safaris are now fully booked. Please contact us for alternative dates if you're really taken by this idea!

A maximum of 6 lucky Zambezi guests will be able to enjoy this unique safari journey with Jackson Looseyia , legendary Masai guide and famed for his appearances in BBC's Big Cat Diaries. Stunning wildlife including zebra, lion, elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, hyaena, gazelle and cheetah. Set out each day from a private bush home, far from the tourist trail and enjoy private safari adventures. 

Find out what our past guests Janet and Chris McC had to say about Jackson.

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