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You’re here because you saw one or several “safari tours” on Google

Please read on…this is important

  • Our safaris are custom. So any “safari tours” that you’ve seen online are simply typical of what we do. They’re examples. We treat them as “modules” which often form the core of our actual safaris. That’s because we’ve tested these core trips many times through seasons, over years. In all cases the trips that we offer are truly customized. They depend on your interests, the time of year that you travel, game conditions expected in our safari areas and best available options within budget.
  • We understand our customers. Your budget constraints. Your interests and expectations. We also understand why experiences come first (often before luxury). Then why people make the real difference on safari. Also why it’s important to go beyond the obvious.
  • We’re very well connected with what’s happening on the ground in East, southern and Central Africa. It’s been our business to be so since 1995. Half of the Zambezi safari team is based in Africa.
  • Talk to us. A quick chat on the phone could set everybody on the correct path from the start. If our African time zones don’t match yours then we’ll deal with you from our UK offices. If you’d prefer to discuss holiday plans after hours or on weekends then let’s schedule that.
  • Decide after research. Destinations and seasons matter. Getting timing right and deciding on where to spend most time and money could make or break your trip.

You sent us an enquiry from a Google advert - what happens next?

  • We’ve sent you a short email - please acknowledge receipt and add us to your contact list so that future mail doesn’t land in spam.
  • We’ll send you some links. They’ll be relevant to you. Please do some additional research on destinations and seasons.
  • It’d be a really good idea to have a quick chat on the phone. We’re happy with email and every mainstream instant messaging service.
  • One of our safari experts will be in direct touch. First contact will come from our UK head office. We’ll usually follow up from one of our African offices.

You can expect unrivalled customer service and honest unbeatable pricing from Zambezi’s well established team of “can-do” safari professionals.

This is where we operate our safaris….

Victoria Falls is our safari hub in southern Africa

In East Africa the big attraction is the annual migration…

  • Migration action happens every day of the year but there are some important secrets to being in the right places at the right time.
  • There’s lot’s more beyond the standard Serengeti and Masai Mara “circuits” too.
  • The best safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are all within easy reach. From desolate frontier lands up further north down to remote and wild places deeper in the south.

Mountain gorillas are easy in East Central Africa….but there’s even more in the west

  • Central Africa offers immense habitat diversity through equatorial rainforests, across great plains, up volcanic peaks into deep rift valleys.
  • It’s a naturalist’s paradise, an adventurer’s playground. It’s wide screen Africa at its best.
  • Gorillas are rare indeed and our sighting rate is 100%. So do speak to our safari specialists about how to experience even more of our birds, beasts and wild African critters.

A sampling of typical safari tours on Google

A 7 day family safari which showcases the delights of Kruger and vibrant Cape Town with first class accommodation

These 7 day safari tours showcase the delights of Kruger National Park and vibrant Cape Town.

Become a beach bum for a week with 4 nights island hopping on a dhow off Mozambique followed by 3 nights chilling on Ibo Island.

Become a beach bum for a week - island hopping on a dhow off Mozambique.

Walk with camels in Kenya

Walk with camels over 4 days in the the remote valleys, hills and plains of northern central Kenya.

 trek up Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route

Trek up Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route - it’s less crowded and there’s a high summit success rate.

A 9 day Serengeti migration safari.

A 9 day Serengeti migration safari from Arusha into Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti.

The Luangwa Safari.

The best Luangwa safari - 9 days in bushcamps with top notch Professional Guides.

The quickest and simplest way to trek for mountain gorillas in Uganda. A 4 day mountain gorilla safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The ultimate mountain gorilla trek in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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  • See Zambezi reviews online. They’re independent across at Safari Bookings, also Feefo. Then Facebook and Google and TripAdvisor.
  • Visit or meet us. If you’re in the vicinity pay us a visit. The Zambezi team exhibits regularly in the UK and the USA - usually around January/February, July/August, November each year. We always send invitations.

Top tips for planning your next safari

  • Get your timing right. Depending on destination we have high and low seasons. More importantly we also have a few secret seasons in Africa.
  • Go to the right places. “Most popular” is more often than not the completely wrong place to be on safari. There are some tricks to getting location right.
  • Go beyond the obvious. Whether you’re a “first timer” or an “old Africa hand” you’d do well to take advantage of some safari planning tips and then chat to somebody with very current knowledge.
  • Experiences count. Don’t let the need for luxury get in the way of the opportunities for great experiences! Get some honest African dirt between your toes.
  • People make the difference on safari! It’s very easy to find plush soft furnishings to fill a luxury lodge - top safari teams are like hen’s teeth.