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Zimbabwe is well recognised as a secure and friendly African destination. Local infrastructure is well above average for the region. With an abundance of natural resources and huge tracts of undeveloped wilderness, Zimbabwe is renowned for its safaris and safari activities. Zimbabwe is ideal as a honeymoon destination.

As established safari operators based in the heart of the Zambezi Valley we have over the years hosted numerous honeymoon couples throughout Zimbabwe and assisted with their travel plans in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. We consider honeymoon travel arrangements to be one of our specialities and invite you to make contact with one of our safari consultants. E-mail us with a request for Trish or Nikki to assist you or fill out our booking form.

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The Zambezi Safari & Travel Co.
Suite 3, The Heights Centre
PO Box 158, Kariba, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 61 2532
Mobile: +263 11 603388
Fax: +263 61 2291

honeymoon safaris in zimbabwe Our recommendations for honeymoon holidays include the following safaris, camps and lodges:

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