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african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris
african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris

African Hunter's Network
What are the key factors behind a successful hunt?

african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris
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african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris

We believe that the key issues are:

The safari company

African hunting is a significant investment in time and money. The ability of the safari consultant to clearly understand his prospective client's need, match expectations with available options and "marry" hunter with outfitter is paramount. We offer an intimate knowledge of the safari fraternity, Zimbabwe's tourism industry, years of experience, direct access to Zimbabwe's finest hunter network and a commitment to the future of our business in assisting our clients with there safari plans.

The client

As the client, firstly practice you marksmanship and be proficient with the rifle you bring. Ensure that your rifle/s have been tested before the hunt. It's important to get lots of practice before your arrival. Aside from concentrating on shooting tight groups from the bench, practice in a variety of positions (standing, sitting, kneeling and prone) and using a rest including practising with shooting sticks. Secondly your physical condition is important and you're likely to be doing a fair amount of walking and stalking during the hunt. By knowing your physical limitations and having set realistic goals you stand a better chance of an enjoyable and successful hunt.

The Professional Hunter

Your Professional Hunter, particularly in Zimbabwe is a well-trained and appropriately experienced individual with an intimate knowledge of the hunting location, its flora and fauna. To a large extent you'll be reliant upon his trophy judgement and understanding of animal behaviour. Safety is of prime concern and the Professional Hunter is well trained to avoid and deal with dangerous situations as they arise. Always request and check out references for the Professional Hunter - query his experience and success rate. We supply a password-restricted page on the website containing references of Professional Hunters that we utilise. It would be worthwhile searching for independent references for Operators and Hunters - follow up on:

  • Safari Club International (
  • Don Causey's "The Hunting Report" (e-mail:

The hunting area

The hunting location is obviously important. Local habitats, conditions and game quality/concentrations play a significant role in the success of your hunt. Comfortable accommodations (hot shower, hearty meal and a good sleep) after a hard day's hunting are important ingredients for an enjoyable hunt. Follow up on our location accounts and location map.

Hunt timing

The timing of your hunt both in terms of duration and season is an important aspect. Firstly don't attempt to do too much in too short a period. Time pressure places both the client and Professional Hunter under undue stress and judgement can be marred. The best hunting is done later in the dry season when water resources become limited, game tends to congregate and visibility is improved. Bear in mind that stalking cover is reduced at this time and in certain areas (Zambezi Valley and Lowveld) daytime temperatures become very high and therefore increase physical demands.

An African hunt is often a once in a lifetime experience - research your options, plan meticulously and come prepared for a legendary adventure - the African Safari.

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african hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris Zambezi Safari and TravelLegends Travelafrican hunters network, africa, hunting, zimbabwe, safari, safaris
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