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Graeme Lemon Matusadona Wilderness Safaris

Graeme's Wilderness trails lead the intrepid explorer deep into the heartland of Matusadona National Park. Here the party carries all of its equipment needed for the few days in the wilderness. These safaris ensure lots of excitement - for four days the party follows elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard and antelope species such as sable and eland which roam the interior of Matusadona.

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Graeme Lemon Walking Safaris

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The Wilderness Safaris in Matusadona

Graeme Lemon says "as much as any fool can be uncomfortable in the bush and we have no wish to be fools, we do limit ourselves as to what we take with us on these safaris". Obviously everything is going to be carried on safari.

Graeme's more than capable staff carry the bulk of the equipment, but each guest will have a backpack with a sleeping bag, set of cutlery and crockery, limited goods and their own equipment. Small tents are brought along, but the safari often spends the nights under the stars by the side of some remote spring. Camp is often struck by lunch so that the party can enjoy walking the area without the hindrance of backpacks in the afternoon. Guests should be reasonably fit for these trails because of the hill walking.

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"Graeme Lemon Walking Safaris" operates under "Zambezi Expeditions" in conjunction with Elephant Point Camp. Professional Guides are utilised on safari but unless specifically pre-arranged, there is no guarantee that Graeme Lemon or Steve Carey will be guiding any specific safari.

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