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Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park, named after the Chobe River on its northern boundary, is home to an exciting variety of large mammals and over 450 bird species. Chobe is best known for having the highest concentration of elephants in the world with truly impressive herds gathering during both the wet and dry season. Buffalo also gather in tremendous herds and big prides of lion track them wherever they go.

This is one of the oldest safari areas in Africa; Dr David Livingstone visited in 1850 and it has had more than its fair share of visitors since then due to its proximity to Victoria Falls. It has a river which appears to flow both ways as well as the curious disappearing Savuti Channel. Most of the area is covered with thick scrub thorn trees rooted in deep sand which is typical of the arid northern Kalahari. Game is forced to follow complicated migration routes to stay in touch with any available grass and water.

Chobe comprises four main areas: the Chobe river-frontage, the central pans around Nogatsaa, the Linyanti Swamp and the famous Savute region that includes the Mababe Depression.

From December to March the plains in the south and the east are green with lush plains of grass but as the bush dries out between April to November, the game migrates to the deeper waters in the north and west.

Waterbuck fighting at Chobe National Park - Noel Smith

The Chobe River Front
The stretch of river from Ngoma in the west, including Serondela and extending towards Kasane is a rich riverine forest with a marginal floodplain. This northern section is very good for short safari drives - an area renowned for its elephant and buffalo during the dry season and a birder's paradise year round. The Kasane/Chobe area is unfortunately prone to overcrowding during regional school holidays (we head for the Chobe Forest to miss the crowds); however the whole area is ideally suited as a short stay safari add-on to a trip to Victoria Falls.

Further options are two lodges in Namibia on the opposite banks of the river. The area is much more secluded and offers activities along the Chobe as well as the Zambezi river.

Nogatsaa and Tchinga
The pan speckled grass woodland approximately 3 hours drive south of Serondela is a hardly known area that holds water well into the dry season and attracts a profusion of game between August and October. This area is particularly good for viewing eland and be warned the lion are very bold in this region!

Scenically this area is somewhat boring with mainly mopane and mixed combretum veld. Many of the pans have hides to view the game which offers unbeatable excitment wherever there is water but is not that interesting across the rest of the landscape.

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Our Recommended Tours

Our Recommended Tours
Botswana Safari Specials

Botswana - 9 camps, 1 rate, hundreds of possible safari combinations, let your imagination go wild. Valid 01 December to 31 March ONLY.

This special is now available for 2013 only!

The Upper Zambezi Basin is a unique and captivating region within Southern Africa and includes South Eastern Angola, North Western Zimbabwe, Western Zambia, Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and Northern Botswana. Four companies have co-operated to offer a unique collection of experiences previously out of reach of most devoted safari enthusiasts.

The 5 Rivers Safari includes the best-known safari areas contained within the Kavango-Upper Zambezi Transfrontier Super-Park and offers unforgettable experiences in the game rich areas existing within this Park.

The price is per person per night at any of 9 individual camps; no single supplement; minimum of 3 nights at one camp or lodge; minimum 4 nights at any 2 camps; all inclusive accommodation. 


Livingstone Birding Trail

Botswana, Namibia and Zambia - 16 days/15 nights

Set departure dates during rainy season - November to April

Highlights of this safari include visitng Lake Ngami birding wonderland, panhandle of the Okavango Delta, Caprivi Strip specials, Zambia and the Victoria Falls, the dramatic Chobe National Park, Makgadikgadi Pans, Moremi Game Reserve wildlife and birding on the fringes of the Okavango Delta, scenic flight over the Okavango and boat cruises on the Okavango and Chobe Rivers.


Victoria Falls and Botswana

Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park and Moremi Reserve - 10 days/9 nights

Prolific wildlife and the magnificent Victoria Falls.

An excellent safari option which includes Victoria Falls for 3 nights to see the magnificent Zambezi River falling 108 metres to the gorge below; the best elephant herds in the world in Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve, probably the most prolific game viewing spot in Southern Africa.

Save US$1717pp for travel between January to March and December 2012 and get an extra night free at Chobe National Park!


Victoria Falls and Botswana Classic

Victoria Falls Zambian side, Chobe NP and Savuti - 10 days/9 nights

Highly recommended for a once in a lifetime experience.

This excellent trip combines three of The Big Ones to visit and is highly recommended by us as one of our choice safaris. Victoria Falls is so well-known and combines very well with the huge elephant herds of Chobe National Park in Botswana. Combine this with the big game herds and predators found in the Savuti area rounding off an excellent safari.


The Botswana Explorer

Okavango Delta, Kwando Concession, Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls - 16 days/15 nights

All camps are of a high comfort standard, small and intimate with en suite hot and cold water. All the game drives are in open four wheel drive vehicles with uninhibited game viewing. Boating and canoeing is also available in each camp.

This region forms the heartland of the proposed immense Upper Zambezi Trans-frontier conservation Area straddling Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe - one of the greatest wilderness areas on the planet.


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