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Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park

Big trees, wide open grass plains, beautiful sunsets and 1000's of warthog aptly desribe first impressions of Gorongosa National Park in the midst of a massive restoration project.

Parque Nacional da Gorongosa has a wide diversity of species and ecological features found nowhere else. Situated at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley the park is 4000 square kilometres with the 1862m Mount Gorongosa as the dominant feature.


A range of distinct ecosystems including grasslands dotted with acacia trees, savannah, dry forest on sands, water pans and termite hill thickets. Miombo and montane forests spread across the plateaus and a magnificent rain forest is found in the limestone gorges.

Over 500 bird species and one of the densest populations of wildlife used to inhabit this wonderful area but large mammal numbers were reduced by up to 95% during Mozambique's Civil War.

WWF cleared the park of mines in the 1990's and set-up successful anti-poaching units. In January 2008 the Carr Foundation signed a 20 yr lease with the Mozambique government and today the park enjoys the protection and funding of the Gorongosa National Park Trust. Since 2006 large numbers of zebra/wildebeest/buffalo have been introduced to the park. A permanent biological research centre is well underway and several tourist lodge/camp licenses have been issued.

Waterpan Gorongosa National Park

Activities include enjoyable walks across the plains and through the woodlands, game drives, fly camping, summits of Mount Gorongosa and trips to the lake. You're likely to see high numbers of warthog and waterbuck, buffalo, impala, lion, elephant just to name a few.

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