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The capital of Rwanda since 1965, this is an attractive city built within hills and with a checkered history.  Since the genocide in 1994, it has been reconstructed and now exudes an air of positiveness and growth. The main shopping and commercial area is around the Hotel Mille Collines, known for providing shelter during the genocide and portrayed in the film Hotel Rwanda for the same reason. Kigali began life as a small, colonial outpost in 1907 and has just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

View across Kigali, capital of Rwanda
View across Kigali capital of Rwanda

Kigali is one of the safest and friendliest of African capitals and has a pleasant, moderate high altitude climate despite its tropical location. Total population is around 1 million and rapidly growing. The youth make up about 60% of the population with just over 50% female. The city has 3 main districts Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge although most visitors stay in the city centre.

It is worth staying in the city for a day or two; activities are numerous and includes the following:

  • Richard Kandt's House
  • Old Kigali City - the inner city 
  • Nyamirambo - the section of Kigali city that never goes to sleep
  • Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) - the military academy turned into an intellectual and technological centre
  • Camp Kigali - another harsh reality of the Rwandan genocide: the site where the Belgian Blue Berets were killed at the onset of genocide;
  • Radio Television Libre des Milles Collines - the seat of the Hate Radio
  • Geological Museum - one-stop Centre where you can discover the Rwandan Minerals at a glance
  • Kigali Memorial Centre(Gisozi) - an excellent memorial portraying the Rwandan Genocide 
  • Hero's Cemetry - Rwanda's Heroes
  • Caplaki - a large centre for Rwandan crafts
  • Dancing Pots - learn about the Batwa people and participate in a traditional pottery workshop and dancing

Mille des Colline Kigali Rwanda

The city boasts some very up-to-date and luxurious hotels with a number of bed/breakfasts. There are excellent restaurants and a long lunch at one of them is a must! The entire city, despite its modernisation retains the feeling of being a garden city. The atmospheric Muslim quarter is well worth visiting as is a quick look around the excellent, modern suburbs. This is also the main entry and exit point for all flights in and out of Rwanda.

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Our Recommended Tours

Our Recommended Tours
Purely Primates

This privately guided primate safari explores the Rwandan habitat of mountain gorillas and golden monkeys within a chain of 5 volcanoes, just north of Kigali near the border with Uganda.

Probably the easiest and smartest way to trek for gorillas

Kigali and Parc de National Virunga, Rwanda - 4 days/3 nights


Spirit of Rwanda

Explore Rwanda including Nungwe Forest to track chimpanzees. Travel via Lake Kivu bound for the Virunga Mountains, to spend time with mountain gorillas before returning to Kigali.

A tiny mountainous country full of forests, primates and birds.

Nungwe Forest, Lake Kivu, Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda - 8 days/7 nights.


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