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Botswana's Kwara Safari Concession covers a massive area and is bounded in the north by Selinda, in the west by Vumbura and the east by the Khwai Community Concession. Down in the south it borders on the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. With its great location the Kwara Concession has access to the deep water channels in the Moremi as well as the shallow flood plains in the north followed by dry land game viewing even further north of the flood plains.

The Kwara Concession has passed through the hands of several safari companies but has been in the same hands since 1999. Almost all visitors arrive by air although it is possible to travel by boat. In reality there is no real need to boat, as many of the activities include boat trips anyway.

In the south where the permanent swamps lie are good populations of hippo and crocodile, with most of the water birds well represented. Buffalo also favor the reed beds and papyrus, which are a feature of the water channels.

Wild Dog yawning in the Kwara, Botswana

In the north of the concession, the activities are based on dry land although there is a transition zone between the wet south and the drier north. Dominant species in the north include the tsessebe, reedbuck, giraffe and kudu. Impala are ever present and warthog, bushbuck, steenbok, zebra and wildebeest are common.

Good sightings of wild dog are usually reported and all of the other major predators are in residence. Birds include the loud and visible Meyer's parrot, red-billed francolin, coucals and a number of different species of kingfisher (malachite, pied and giant). Herons, egrets, fish eagles and ducks are also frequently seen.

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