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Laikipia on the edge of Kenya's Northern Frontier District is one of the best destinations in Kenya, and is recognised as being second only to the at Isiolo to merge with the Lerochi Plateau in the north. The entire area is the same size as Wales, and entirely contains the Ewaso ecosystem - increasing the environmental importance of the area as typically ecosystems fall under multiple jurisdictions/countries and national parks.

Grevy's Zebra - Laikipia, Kenya

Whilst Laikipia is divided into multiple farms, ranches and small reserves, ecotourism is increasingly becoming more profitable than the previously existing pastoral and ranching lifestyles, and so increasing numbers of farmers and ranchers are starting to embrace the wildlife area that they're in. The resulting conservation is doing the area a world of good, and because much of it is privately run, it's one of the few places in Kenya where you can break from the tourist norm of game drives, and explore the land on foot, bicycle, camel or horse! Lodges and camps are particularly luxurious, and the exclusivity that they offer is something to definitely value.

Due to the area’s blend of human and wildlife populations, it is the centre of much research into humans successfully co-existing with the natural environment – further aiding the collaboration between individual land owners into conserving their wildlife “assets”. Lions and elephant are being studied especially – their wide ranges and particularly heavy impact on human activities makes them important animals to understand, and Laikipia can only but benefit from the research.

Walking safaris in Laikipia, Kenya

It's definitely one of our favourite safari locations in Kenya, even East Africa - our scouting trips have always been successful in the reserve, and it appeals to our sense of exclusivity; experienced travellers will understand the pleasure of escaping the main tourist haunts and Laikipia is fortunate in the sense that it matches the very experience that makes places like the Mara so popular.

Our Recommended Tours

Our Recommended Tours
The Amazing Camel Safari

A 3 night camel back safari exploring the remote valleys, hills and plains of Kenya's Laikipia wilderness with mobile and lightweight fly-camping making the most of this outdoor wonderland.

Embrace nature and walk wild with a comfortable adventure

Laikipia and Samburu, north central Kenya - 4 days/3 nights


Kenya Solo Safari - no single supplement

This highly rated and authentic safari with no single supplement travels to secluded spots on the Masai Mara and the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya, and includes prime wildlife viewing.

High quality guiding, good service and uncompromising hospitality.

Laikipia Plateau and Masai Mara Reserve - 7 nights/8 days in Kenya


Wild Western Kenya privately guided safari

A bird lovers dream travelling between Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Mt Elgon with volcanic lava caves, and the Kakamega Forest, the only remnant of Congo forest left in Kenya.

Join up to see cave dwelling elephants, the bongo, giant forest hog.

Laikipia Plateau, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Mt Elgon National Park and Kakamega Forest Reserve - 11 days/10 nights in Kenya.


Spirit of Kenya

A comprehensive luxury safari ideal for those who need to be thoroughly spoilt and enjoy a range of African wildlife, far reaching views and romantic meals under the stars of Kenya.

An addictive getaway - better than you can imagine.

Meru, Samburu and Masai Mara National Parks - 9 nights/10 days


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Other Options

Other Options

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