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Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe just off the coast of Madagascar, is an incredibly beautiful island with pretty sandy coves fringed by trees that have huge buttress roots and strangler figs.

The famous aye-aye lemurs were released on the island in a desperate bid to save them from extinction. To see these nocturnal creatures, at least one overnight stay is a necessity.

The wildlife on the island is beautiful and varied, and includes the leaf-tailed gecko, green-backed mantilla frogs, white-fronted brown lemurs and black and white ruffed lemurs.

Dolphins and sea turtles in the bays around the island are a common sight, as well as humpback whales in their breeding season.

Other attractions include the lighthouse at the top of the island that gives you spectacular views across the island and surrounding ocean, and there is a recent shipwreck to explore.

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