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Western Okavango

Western Okavango

The Western Okavango Delta is made up of several private concessions with the Moremi Game Reserve forming the eastern boundary of the concession.

The papyrus and reed beds hide narrow waterways that provide the perfect environment for many water species, including the sitatunga which is found in denser herds here than anywhere else in Botswana. As one progresses west the land becomes drier until reaching Hunda Island, which is the driest part of the Delta during peak flooding. The sandveld vegetation is rich with grewia shrubs and acacia which provide excellent fodder for grazers.

Birds are perhaps the highlight and include the rarer species also found in the north: Pel's fishing owl, Wattled Crane; Slaty Egrets, Rosy-throated Longclaws and African Skimmer. More common species are the Coppery-tailed Coucal and Pygmy Goose.

African Jacana, Western Okavango, Botswana

Bigger species very commonly seen are hippo and crocodile. In the dry season, lechwe, tsessebe, elephant, wildebeest and zebra occur here, and lion, cheetah and leopard are often sighted on the floodplains. The lion prides in this area have been extensively studied in recent years, building up a more intimate knowledge of their behaviour.

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