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Anjajavy Nature Reserve

One of the most luxury places in Madagascar, Anjajavy Nature Reserve is special because it is also the only protected area between Mahanjanga and Nosy Be.

To view wildlife here, you do not even need to leave your accommodation; lemurs eat the lush vegetation everywhere, and the birds are numerous. Flocks of bright green grey-headed love birds, vangas, crested couas and vanga parrots are just a few of the many. The reptiles are here in abundance, with ground boas, hog-nose snakes and lots of chameleons, which are ordinarily hard to see. The local guides are outstanding, and are full of interesting information about the culture as well as the wildlife, which is available only by word of mouth from the locals themselves.

The landscape itself also has much to offer, with a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites providing endless fascination before you’ve even considered the fact that it is home to the Commerson’s leaf-nosed bats, and another cave with the skulls of a lemur species which is now extinct embedded in the rocks.

The coral reefs around the Anjajavy, as well as the tsingy-like outcrops, beautiful beaches and mangroves only add to the attraction, and three nights is the minimum you should stay to take in everything that it has to offer.

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