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Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve

Ennedi is located in the Sahara Desert in the north east of Chad - a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising 44,000sq km of wilderness. Also known as Sahara’s Garden of Eden, Ennedi is a wonderland of natural sandstone which forms a dramatic landscape of plateaus, arches, stacks, canyons and cliffs.  Furthermore, the area is alive with fauna, flora, rock paintings and signs of human occupation dating back to the Neolithic period.

Ennedi, Chad, rock art

Why go on safari to Ennedi…

  • Rock Art  -  Sahara’s garden of Eden dates back 7,000 years.  All those years ago, Neolithic man depicted life at the time on the rocks of the Ennedi.  Subsequently, the dry desert climate perfectly preserved the artwork.  Therefore, the clarity of the art is excellent.  Here, you can clearly see vibrant paintings, which depict dancing people and cows in red and yellow ochre.  Along with beautiful rock engravings, the art connects modern Chad to Africa’s ancient past
  • Diversity - Ennedi is home to 525 + species of plants, Barbary sheep, striped hyena, desert lynx , Dorcas gazelle and a large crocodile population. In addition, the park is also a crossroads for migratory birds, with 199 species of birds passing through annually
  • Natural Beauty - the desert scenery and rock formations here are simply stunning

Drop us a line if you’d like to talk to one of our safari specialists about visiting Ennedi.

The future

African Parks assumed long term management of Ennedi in February 2018. Currently they are working with the Government of the Republic of Chad towards the following aims:

  • support the people by working with the local communities
  • raise awareness of the importance of the parks conservation through education programs
  • provide training programs to develop skills relating to conservation led tourism activities
  • restore the park both culturally and naturally  - the only fully-functioning Sahelian-Saharan ecosystem
  • and finally… reintroduce wildlife species which have been lost

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