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Lake Mburo National Park

The connection between Bwindi and Entebbe/Kampala is a mammoth full day drive. Somewhat half way is Lake Mburo National Park which has traditionally been seen as the overnight stop to break the journey around 7 hours between Bwindi and Lake Mburo then around 4 hours between Lake Mburo and Kampala/Entebbe.

Many visitors stay just a single night at Lake Mburo but we think a single night is a big mistake unless time simply doesn’t permit – Lake Mburo has some fair attractions itself but also has, by far, the best “lodge” in the country….   perfect to wind up or wind down before or after a safari.


Photo courtesy Mihingo Lodge – Group of eland, Lake Mburo

370 km square; 1220-1830m ASL; diverse habitats with forest, savanna, acacia woodland, rocky kopjes, seasonal and permanent swamps five lakes in the park (part of a bigger cluster of 14 lakes in total); supports 315 birds and 68 mammals; very good for eland, burchell’s zebra, impala etc; has buffalo but no lion or elephants; a very good walking area with good UWA guides.

Activities in Lake Mburo National Park

  • Walking trails
    The area is outstanding for walking, terrain is easy going and in the company of a good guide a very productive option. Areas of particular interest are the Rubanga Forest on the western side of Lake Mburo which is good for forest birds; the Rwonyo viewing platform overlooking a salt-lick. $10 for about 2 hours.
  • Game drives
    The park has a well developed network of roads on the eastern side of the park. Game moves and congregates seasonally. Night drives are permitted. $25 per guide in the vehicle.
  • Boat trips on Lake Mburo
    The jetty at Rwonyo Camp is starting point for a 2 or so hour boat trip scouring the Lake Mburo shoreline for birds, hippos and game drawn to the water’s edge. Well worth it at $5/person!

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