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Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is one of the freshwater lakes of the Great Rift Valley, and the name literally means ‘Rippling Water’, derived from the sparkling appearance of the lake from the road that descends from the top of the escarpment into the Rift Valley. This is one of the less well-known lakes which makes it all the more pleasant to visit.

Lake Naivasha is an internationally protected wetland site, and has some incredible birdlife; from the large, commanding fish eagles to the brightly coloured malachite kingfishers. The waterfowl found on the lakeshore are numerous as well, with red-knobbed coot, African spoonbills and little grebe amongst the specialities. More than 400 species of bird have been recorded in the area.

The animals that come along with the water are just as plentiful, with enormous hippos basking in the water during the hot days, cape clawless otters playing in the papyrus reedbeds energetically, and on the plains around the lake are common impala, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle and giraffe.

Crescent Island, in the southeastern part of the lake is a peninsula with the crescent it was named after being the leftover rim of a volcano. This is a game sanctuary which can be reached by boat, and through which you can take a gentle walk to enjoy the gazelle, waterbuck, giraffe and birds.

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