Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools is the finest safari spot on the Zambezi River. It’s the core of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which covers the Mana-Sapi-Chewore complex. Mana is also central to the larger Middle Zambezi Biosphere Reserve. Renowned for the best canoe safaris in Africa also regarded as one of the continent’s top walking safari destinations. Ideal from May to November for active safaris. Wildlife is prolific!

The shoreline is dominated by a floodplain with shallow pools under a rich canopy of tall acacias and ancient stands of mahogany and ebony trees. The Zambezi escarpment rises up on either sides of this deep valley. From Mana Pools the landscape is spectacular with the Zambian escarpment acting as a backdrop.

The floodplain itself hosts a profusion of big game during the dry season from June to October. Big bull elephants roam widely and prevail. With clear and open views through the parklands the stage is set for some of the best walking safari territory found anywhere in Africa.

The Zambezi River adds another dimension however. The river is wide and languid with deep channels separating seasonal and permanent islands. These offer perfect overnight sites for our canoe safaris.

This combination of dramatic landscapes, large numbers of varied wildlife and the ability to cover wilderness on both land and water sets Mana Pools National Park apart. Exceptional guiding standards, small traditional tented camps and the backed up “fly camping” options seal Mana’s reputation.

Access isn’t simple but it’s one of Africa’s best safari spots - explore further…

Highlights on the lower Zambezi

Zambezi canoe safaris Zambezi canoe safaris

We’ve run canoe safaris on the Zambezi since 1995. 600km downstream of Victoria Falls. Through the silent and deep gorges below Kariba. Through the languid but wild mainstream past Mana Pools. Still further on to the largest, most remote, least populated and undeveloped safari areas - through Chewore, Sapi and the Mupata Gorge to Kanyemba. 230km of untame adventure!

Walking Safaris Walking Safaris

Our walking safaris range from gentle trails, to full blown expeditionary hikes over days to walks with big game.

Feet on the ground you feel, smell and hear Africa!

Understanding the pulse of the African bush by foot is the most intimate route. Walking trails extend over a few nights or a few hours with a safari guide. It’s one of the best ways to get you into areas of game activity and sample all aspects of the bush.