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The largest island in the Seychelles, Mahé is largely made of granite, and as a result has some fantastic scenery with the hills and mountains rising high above the rest of the island in the north. As with all the islands in this remarkable archipelago, the beaches are flawless and the bays and coves breathtakingly beautiful; from sea level to the 950 m high Morne Seychellois, no stay in this Republic is complete without a few nights on the main island.

With a large number of superb luxury hotels on Mahe, there are plenty of self-contained activities to try out within these. Some examples include swimming in absolutely stunning swimming pools surrounded by beautiful scenery including the characteristic palm trees; snorkelling and scuba diving in the warm Indian Ocean surrounded by some of the most colourful fish and corals in the seas; and relaxing in luxury spas.

Excursions include a glass bottom boat trip around the island, which allow those who don’t feel up to snorkelling and scuba diving to see the amazing sights beneath the water that you would normally only see in the tropical section of an aquarium.

Another truly amazing and unforgettable experience is taking a trip around Mahe in a helicopter; the aerial views of the colours and textures make the most beautiful photos seem like mere shadows of the real thing, and with the panoramic views of the rest of the islands on the horizon, you can feast your eyes on the sights.

For botanists, the Victoria botanical gardens have an impressive collection of plants, which include the six endemic palms, as well as a large number of tropical plants that include the cannon ball tree, as well as nutmeg, cinnamon and other spice trees that are planted all around the gardens. Some of the birds that are endemic to the islands are kept in an aviary at the top of the park.

A fine way of exploring Mahe is to drive around it – the road network is good, and it is easy to get around.

There are a large number of restaurants on the island that serve delicious fresh tuna steaks, Creole and traditional food. These are all hand cooked with traditional secret recipes, and will suit any palate.