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Masoala National Park

The Masoala Peninsula is one of the largest areas of virgin rainforest in Madagascar, and it contains the most unclassified species of animal – probably!

There is a national park here that protects some of it, and this can only be reached by boat; it s a fairly exclusive location. The forest is constantly changing due to the opposing forces of deforestation and conservation, so you are quite likely to be in a unique position to see something that will never be the same again.

It is possible to explore the coastal waters, mangroves, coral reefs and rivers of the park by canoe; snorkelling and guided forest walks come as part of the package on these trips, and it is common to see humpback whale in the bay.

The Maroantsetra region shelters the rare Aye Aye lemur in the Masoala National Park rain forests. The Aye Aye is known for its long, skeletal middle finger, fox like ears and rodent teeth.

Discover the Land of the Aye Aye with our 11 day foray into Moroantsetra!


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