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The Okavango Delta has very special wildlife diversity and it’s correctly regarded as one of Africa’s best safari places all year round. Camps and lodges are of exceptional standard. The Delta comes with a high price for deserving rewards – it’s good value if you get it right. There’s no shortage of choice on safari here but the private concessions are in high demand and so plan in advance.

The private reserves here are the famous focal point of most safaris in Botswana where big game is abundant and some of Africa’s best known safari camps and lodges offer boating safaris, walking trails, game drives and night drives.  These private concessions ensure that you’ll experience the wilderness without any crowds… but expect to pay handsomely for this luxury in Botswana.

The Wilderness Safaris group has dominated much of the Delta for decades and we strongly recommend and support their consistent safari format.  Their lodges are particularly well suited for first-timers to Africa. A few small and independent outfits operate on private concessions and their standards are high.

Moremi Game Reserve includes habitats from both the permanently and seasonally flooded zones. With the exception of the eastern “tongue” of Moremi, access into the Delta is by aircraft.

The seasonal and cyclical flooding of the Delta makes the region an excellent safari option at any time of year but the “best time of year” for a Botswana safari doesn’t come with a straight forward answer.  It’ll depend largely on your interests. There’s also no shortage of choice for safari camps and lodges in the Delta but getting it right requires knowledgeable safari consultants and early booking because the “right places” are small and usually book out at well in advance.

DO plan ahead if you’re looking at a safari in the Okavango Delta

“Job Job” is one of our founders and resident Professional Guide. His safari pedigree goes back 3 decades so he’s connected to every personality worth knowing in the region. He’s the one with safari secrets few can tell so just drop him a note for some insider info.



Walking trails

Here’s a chance to experience the best of Africa’s wilderness - on foot! Tame nature trails put one in direct touch with much broader environment of small creatures, birds, plants and bugs. In wilder areas which are home to big game the addition of a Professional Guide, scout or armed ranger on our walking safaris adds a dimension of excitement that few experience and none usually forget!

Night Drives

Most game watching is done from dawn to dusk when nocturnal species remain elusive and well hidden. Not so after dusk! Some private reserves and National Parks allow night drives - in all cases by using non disruptive red filters. Where permitted, you’ll encounter nightjars, lions, leopards, genets, civets, honey badgers, bush babies; perhaps rare creatures - aardvark, pangolin, fishing owls