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Private Islands of the Seychelles

The Private Islands of the Seychelles are small, exclusive, and amazingly luxurious. Each island is special and individual, guaranteeing one of the most exclusive beach holidays you will ever experience.

Sainte Anne is a private island just ten minutes from Mahé on a boat. A helicopter transfer can be arranged to ensure a breathtaking first sight of the island. Each day is a moment of intense emotion. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the nature is gorgeous and in the intimacy of your villa, the songs of birds creates background music.

Alphonse Island lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean, 7° South of the equator and 450kms South West of Mahe. Surrounded by extensive reefs with a tranquil lagoon for excellent diving and fishing. There is a tennis court and bicycles to explore the island. For those looking for a bit more adventure this is a good place to combine the two.


North Island

North Island is one of the forty inner granite islands of the Seychelles that are often considered to be the most beautiful on Earth. This is a rare sanctuary for guests seeking a gorgeous, unspoiled tropical haven. With five-star standards and environmental projects working to protect the local flora and fauna in which the accommodation is nestled, the ambience of the island here is outstanding. Four white, sandy, beaches to try, electric 4×4 buggies to explore the island and a full range of other activities, scuba-diving, snorkelling, fly-fishing, sea kayaking, boating and island hopping are all part of the parcel. A stay here will fly by in a haze of indulgence.

Desroches Island_Courtesy WETU

Desroches forms part of the Amirantes group of islands, 230km south-west of Mahé. With 14km of immaculate white soft sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, the exclusive island is one of the most beautiful in all of the Indian Ocean.

Desroches Island is heralded as the pearl of the Amirantes archipelago and ideal if you want to let your hair down. Just a small island 6km long by 1km wide and only 35 minutes from Mahe. Acres of shady coconut palms fringed by 14km of white sandy beaches, lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters. The island is encircled and protected by a reef which allows close access to snorkelling and diving.

Desroches Islands_Couresy WETU

Turtle on Desroches Island

Bird Island has exotic birds and turtles that are annual visitors on the most northern island in the archipelago. Species of bird that are very popular here include sooty terns, fairy terns and common noddys, and birdwatching is a popular occupation on the island. To explore the seas, snorkelling and glass-bottoms boats are available, whilst there are nature trails and viewing platforms for all to use.

Fregate Island_Courtesy WETU

Frégate Private Island is the easternmost of the Seychelles’ inner islands

Frégate Island has enough top-class beaches to allow you to go to one every day of the week, and still not have visited them all. The forest on the island is untouched, and the ingredients in the restaurant are largely taken from the surroundings, giving one of the freshest meals you could possibly have.

Taj Denis Island is a tropically forested island which has a ring of beaches that completes a full circuit all the way around the islands coast - the sense of tranquillity is completed by the ever present ocean. Again with outstanding diving and snorkelling, the island also has a tennis court and jogging trail for those interested in keeping fit, as well as big-game, deep-sea and fly-fishing for the enthusiastic anglers.