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Thyolo Region

The Thyolo Region is one of the tea-growing districts of Malawi, and the oldest tea in Africa is grown here. With rolling hills that are covered in tea bushes, and a granite outcrop that dominates the skyline to the east, this is a beautiful place in which to explore the rich mahogany forest on the upper slopes of the Thyolo Moutain.

The Thyolo Forest Reserve protects one of Malawi’s oldest and best-preserved mahogany forests, and the only way to see the forest, is by staying on one of the nearby tea estates located in the rolling hills and woodlands.

Near to Thyolo is the Mwalanthunzi Stone, which is a large meteorite which has many local beliefs attached to it. Locals believe that it will always guide you on a safe journey if you are travelling north, and that if you try to move or destroy it, it will always return to the original position, safe and unharmed. Legend has it that in the construction of the road that runs past it, the builders tried to move the stone but couldn’t as it kept returning, so they had to build around it rather than trying to go through it.


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