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Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is one of the least well known national parks in Madagascar, and one of the best. Its the largest park on the island and has scenery that rivals any other, as well as being a hot-spot for botanists.

There are plenty of paths that allow you to explore the park by foot, and these take you through several exciting places. To the north of the park are grande tsingy, limestone pinnacles that tower 50 m over the land in a network of canyons and gorges that are extremely impressive. It is possible to take a pirogue ride on the Manambolo River through the adjacent gorge in the morning, which is definitely worth doing; with spectacular cliffs and lush forest on either side, Decken’s sifaka and red-fronted brown lemurs can be seen basking in the early morning sun.

Flying over the grande tsingy in a charter flight from Morondava is equally rewarding, with stunning views of needles of rock poking out from the green canopy. If you fly low enough, the brilliant white coat of the Decken’s sifaka becomes visible, and they can be seen in a habitat that they are never normally seen in.

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