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Exotic Zanzibar delivers culturally, scenically and is unbeaten in the simple task of providing private beaches, plenty of sun and bountiful rest and relaxation.

Even the name conjures images of mystical lagoons, mangrove swamps, sandy beaches and rustic farms.

This little archipelago is gifted with a tropical climate, a sunny disposition and the palm trees to match.

The archipelago includes two large islands, Unguja (Zanzibar Island) and Pemba (disregarding smaller islands, of which there are several). It is considered a separate state to the mainland and is primarily occupied by farmers and fishers. Cloves are the major export, with Pemba producing the larger portion of the spice.

Most visitors find the old Stone Town a highlight of Zanzibar, a spectacular look into traditional Swahili life. The ruins and old buildings are both architecturally and culturally intriguing, and provide fantastic photographic opportunities.

In a similar vein, the sea and coral reefs offer some of the best diving, snorkelling and game fishing on the planet!  The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are renowned by divers worldwide.

Typically tropical, hot all year round and often very humid. And, as an island, it receives more rainfall and more wind than mainland.

It’s fairly simple to get to Zanzibar…

Several airlines cater for the increasing numbers of tourists drawn by the allure. Regular flights between Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro International Airport mean that Zanzibar is well connected to the major safari routes.

Boats are also run between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar – but be wary of hustlers and con artists…it’s safer to allow us to organise the logistics and for you to just hop on the appropriate boat!

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