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General News - April 2010

General News - April 2010

Record rainfall Kavango and Zambezi catchment - 12 April 2010

Record rainfall Kavango and Zambezi catchment
12 April 2010

heading our Victoria Falls office, finally moved over the Easter break to a permanent base in a lovely rambling farmhouse in the leafy suburb of Victoria Falls.

Although situated 2 km's from the Victoria Falls themselves, the floodwaters can be felt by the windows rattling, heard by the constant roar of the water, and saturated by the early morning mist from the spray, now reaching hundreds of meters above the Falls.

The garden here is like a mini rain forest with wonderful plants and birdlife.

Chris sneaks out of the office to visit our clients who pass through the Zim side of the Victoria Falls for a chat and a drink at their respective hotels. It’s wonderful for us to have a person on the ground with so much experience and knowledge of the area and surrounding region.

For those that would like to meet Chris and have a chat over a drink do feel free to call him on +263 (0)13 44427 (Victoria Falls office) or Mobile (Cell): +263 (0) 914 109581
We have had a record season of rainfall since October with over 800mm (364 inches) falling so far. The Kavango and Zambezi catchment in North western Zambia and the Angola highlands are still experiencing heavy rain with the river still rising. We expect the Victoria Falls flood to peak at the end of April.

Other good news is the elephants have returned to the village, and are wreaking havoc in some gardens at night.

A bull elephant in a friend’s garden bulldozed the entrance gate to the property down when the owner tried to chase him out of the garden. The moral of the story is open the gates before you try to expel your uninvited guest!

Its wonderful to see old and new faces returning to Northern Zimbabwe to experience our wonderful reserves of Victoria falls, Hwange National Park, Matusadona National Park and Mana Pools National Park.

Chris's house Vic Falls

Chris's lush garden in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Photo 07 April 2010

What's up in Zambia - 7 April 2010

What's up in Zambia
 7 April 2010

Just a short update on happenings in my neck of the woods (South Luangwa National Park). Early March we had to move out of our house because it got flooded, two weeks later the water levels in the lagoon dropped and we were able to move back into our house. We had a bit of a scare a couple of days later because the water levels came up again but thank goodness went down just as quick!

Today the water has dropped so much in the lagoon it’s difficult to believe we had to move out a couple of weeks ago.

Our house will be renovated later in the year once the major renovations to Mfuwe Lodge and the Bushcamps are over. I’m so excited I can’t wait knowing we won’t have to move out ever again!

The river is also dropping fast its about half its capacity.

Delenes house South Luangwa  National Park

The renovations to Mfuwe Lodge are going quite well and things are starting to take shape. Its really been quite a nightmare being in the middle of it all, the banging, breaking of walls, re-thatching machinery running continuously dust every where. I’ve been tempted to leave the valley and work else where but then I also wanted to be part of it all from start to finish.

We haven’t had a chance to go on any drives in the park except for one in early March when we saw lion in a tree just opposite the last chalet facing the road. We're not sure whether they were looking for a meal or keeping their toes out of the water!

Lion in tree  Mfuwe Lodge
Written by and photos by Delene Dempster from our Mfuwe office in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Happy Easter - 1 April 2010

Happy Easter
 1 April 2010

As we approach the start of the fourth month of the year, the Zambezi team is hard at work preparing safaris for the coming months.

Already 232 of our guests have enjoyed a safari with us since the start of our new year and these have been very varied in nature. As usual almost half of our guests have visited either Victoria Falls or another location close to the Zambezi.

We've also had a number of guests experiencing the thrill of a migration safari in the southern plains of the Serengeti and others who've summited Mount Kilimanjaro. More unusual are our school groups who've enjoyed visiting camps and local village schools on the Masai Mara in Kenya during March.

Over Easter we have quite a few guests challenging themselves in various adrenalin filled activities around Victoria Falls including bunji jumping and walking with lions.

All that remains is to wish all our guests and associates a very happy Easter and may those in the northern hemisphere finally start experiencing some sunnier, warmer spring weather!

The Zambezi Team - John, Trish, Chris, Delene, Liz, Jackie, Debbie, Jane, Char, Mark and Fi and not forgetting Ash and Corrie our web duo and the office dogs Digger, Jet, Tarmac, Izzy and Maisy.


Nothing exciting around the Devon office today except a couple of jackdaws building nests in our mossy roof (and please note clear blue sky)! Photo Corrie Berry.

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