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General News - January 2009

General News - January 2009

Destinations Show Earls Court - 27 January 2009

Destinations Show Earls Court
27 January 2009

John, Chris, Trish and Jackie will all be at the Destinations Show in London for the 9th year! We'll have the latest news and special offers. We'll be there every day with some special focus on Zambia and Kenya and feedback from our first Congo trip which returns on the 29th January 09.

On a sadder note - 22 January 2009

On a sadder note
22 January 2009

A number of our team worked closely with Craig, especially Delene and Chris and many of you will have visited his camp on the lakeshore in Matusadona National Park.

We remember Craig for his great love of the bush, his battered land rovers, his delightful stories and his contribution to the safari industry in the days when we were still trying to “get Kariba on the map”.

He loved Malteser's, elephants and coca cola, throwing his bills in the dustbin and helping the MDC to fight the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. His camp was full of fun and his teapot was always on the go.

Here's looking at you Craig

Victoria Falls Steam Train - 15 January 2009

Victoria Falls Steam Train
15 January 2009

The train itself is a 1928 12th class or 1953 14a class Garrett steam train with four coaches (2 dining coaches and 2 lounge coaches carrying a total of 92 passengers) and aptly named the David Livingstone Lounge 1 and 2.

The Victoria Falls and Livingstone Steam train sets off at sunset from the Palm Grove siding on the Livingstone side of Victoria Falls and does a short run to the centre of the Victoria Falls bridge.  With the gentle clack, clack, clacking across the railway lines and the puffing steam drifting overhead, this picture perfect train stops at the centre line for a glass of sparkling wine. In the close distance rises the spray from Victoria Falls and this famous natural seventh wonder of the world can be appreciated through binoculars, camera or the naked eye.

Zambezi river report update - 14 January 2009

Zambezi river report update
14 January 2009

Low level white water rafting starts again around August 2009. There is a good chance rafting may have to stop in late March, throughout April and into early May this year, due to the high rainfall.

5 day "rafting expedition" dates have been set for 2009 as follows: 18 August; 1, 15, 29 September; 13, 27 October; 10, 24 November; 8 December

One day trip visits to Livingstone Island - swims in Devil Pool have been halted until the water returns to its low level in October.

Contact us for updates through the 2009 season.

For current reports and flood assessments go to the FEWS NET site or contact us

Rwanda Visas - 13 January 2009

Rwanda Visas
13 January 2009

The immigration staff have always been understanding when tourists have missed out on this - or - as often the case, visitors have simply not received an answer to their online requests.
Visitors should organize their visa approvals in GOOD TIME PRIOR TO THEIR ARRIVAL IN RWANDA in order to avoid the problems we experienced today. The application can and should be done AT LEAST 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE / PRIOR to the planned arrival date in Rwanda! "
The Rwanda immigration website for visa purposes is :
In view of bilateral agreements, nationals of the following countries may visit Rwanda without a visa for a period up to 90 days: USA, Germany, Canada, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong and Burundi.

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