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General News - January 2012

General News - January 2012

Gorilla trek permits increase by 50% - 27 January 2012

Gorilla trek permits increase by 50%
27 January 2012

Rwanda Development Board has increased its gorilla permit prices. The board has published a statement announcing the permits will increase to US$750 per person per trek from 1st June 2012. Permits are available at US$500pp for treks taking place up to 31st May 2012.

Any new enquiries or those that are not yet confirmed will be charged the new rate. The price increase will not affect any confirmed permits which have already been booked and paid for even if the trek takes place after 1st June 2012. 



Safari's a barometer of Africa? - 1 January 2012

Safari's a barometer of Africa?
 1 January 2012

As we write this article millions of wildebeest are rearing their young on the southern plains of the Serengeti and preparing to make the long migration back to Kenya's Masai Mara over the following months. East Africa's damnation and its salvation has been its wildlife - the greatest natural resource it possesses.

The attraction of being on a wildlife safari still evokes feelings of danger, glamour and gung-ho despite the safari being reinvented as ivory hunters have been replaced by tourists looking to enjoy the beauty of the bush.

From Ernest Hemingway to British nobility and Hollywood stars, the rich and famous have been clamouring for a piece of the action for nearly 100 years. The safari has been and continues to be a barometer of our attitudes to travel and Africa itself.

As the world's economy shudders, luxury 'eco safaris' continue to drive East Africa's economy and is a major factor in the well-being of the southern parts of the continent.

The Zambezi team is perfectly placed to see out the economic storm and continue to provide authentic, value for money African safaris during 2012.

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