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General News - March 2009

General News - March 2009

Yellow fever certificates Kenya - 25 March 2009

Yellow fever certificates Kenya
25 March 2009

These certificates are required not only for passengers coming from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission but also those who may have transited through such countries.

Whereas the Yellow Fever certificate requirement is not new, there may have been some laxity in carrying out these checks in the past. Incoming passengers who do not have the Certificate and are required to have it (or in some cases those with a fake certificate) will be vaccinated at the Airport if they wish to enter the country. The cost of the vaccination is Kshs. 1,000.

Travellers from the following Countries MUST have the certificate when coming into Kenya:

1. Angola 2.Benin 3. Bolivia 4. Brazil 5. Burkina Faso 6. Burundi 7. Cameroon 8. Central Africa Republic 9. Colombia 10. Congo 11. Code d’Ivoire 12. Ecuador 13. Equatorial Guinea 14. Ethiopia 15. French Guyana 16. Gabon 17. Gambia 18. Ghana 19. Guinea 20. Guyana 21. Liberia 22. Mali 23. Mauritania 24. Niger 25. Nigeria 26. Panama 27. Paraguay 28. Peru 29. Senegal 30. Somali 31. Sudan 32. Togo 33. Uganda 34. United Republic of Tanzania 35. Venezuela 36. Rwanda 

The above countries include all countries in West Africa, Central and East Africa and South America.

High water rafting season ends - 3 March 2009

High water rafting season ends
 3 March 2009

The Zambezi River has risen dramatically over the last week, with levels rising in the gorge by as much as half a metre in the past 2 days.

High Water Rafting season ended on Tuesday the 3rd of March 2009 at Victoria Falls. The water level has reached the precautionary 1150 cm limit , hence its neither safe nor fun to run the trips. We are anticipating resuming trips around June, but we will keep you updated to this effect.

On the Zambian side rafting is no longer available from 14th March 2009. Instead an upper Zambezi river Raft float can be enjoyed. Essentially this is a large raft that gently floats between the islands and rapids above the Victoria Falls.
Canoeing presents a refreshing opportunity for the Rafting enthusiasts and nature lovers , during this period to get up close to the Upper Zambezi river on a Canoe. The canoeing trips run throughout the year, and there is such a cocktail of trips to choose from. Our trips are confirmed with a minimum of 2 pax, and a minimum age restriction of 10 years. The minor must be accompanied by a Legal Guardian.
Morning Half day  - 07h15 to 13h30
Afternoon Half day - 14h00 to 18h00
Full day - 07h15 to 16h30
We also run Overnight and Multi-day trips
Then Bridge Activities
Also due to high water level in the Zambezi, the Bridge activities (Bungi , Bridge Slide , Bridge Swing , Historical Bridge Tour) will now be starting at 10h00, because the spray from the Falls is very heavy early morning, hence the need to now start an hour later!

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